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Catch Report
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Target Species:
Buzz baits by Scary Baits \ scum frogs \ poppers
Anglers Names:
Keith & Dave
Guide Names:
No. Fish Caught:
No. Hits \ Strikes:
Biggest Fish:
8lb (3.5 Kg)


Hampala Barb \ Jungle Perch
Giant Snakehead Fishing
Scary Baits Lures
Dave - Jungle Perch
Keith - Snakehead
Eddie - Snakehead
giant snakehead
Khao Laem Dam Fishing
Jungle Perch Fishing Thailand
Brothers, Dave & Keith on a Jungle Fishing Safari at Khao Laem Dam
Scary Baits Lures
Fishing Kanchanaburi
Boat Fishing Thailand
Another Victim of Scary Baits
Dave's Biggest
Idylic Boat Fishing Adventures
Khao Laem Dam Thailand
Fishing Khao Lem Dam
Fishing Khao Laem Dam Thailand
The Serenity of Khao Lem Dam DuringWet Season

Jungle Fishing Safari - Khao Lem Dam

Last month the female snakehead were spawning at Khao Lem Dam, and although it is common practice for Thai anglers to still fish at this time; Fish Thailand prefer to wait until spawning is over and the females have had their young; to preserve this facinating specie.

Snakehead: A Good Mother!

The wait was over, the fish had spawned and brothers Keith & Dave from England were the first to enjoy the action with the Fish Thailand Team. Female giant snakehead make excellent mothers and take great care of their young by remaining with them throughout this dangerous stage of their lives. So much so that this makes for great fishing as the female will attack and strike at anything that threatens the safety of her young.

Sight Fishing for Snakehead

Snakhead fry must surface for oxygen regularly, this can be clearly seen as a ball of red \ brown fry break the water's surface. Knowing that the mother is just off to the side or below them, by casting a lure just past them and vigorously retrieving through the fry will result in a protective strike from the mother. Sometimes it takes a few casts to work the mother into an angry enough mood and give her cause for concern regarding the safety of her young. This kind of sight fishing is as exciting as lure fishing for giant snakehead gets, Dave caught the biggest snakehead of the trip weighing in at 8lb by doing exactly this.

High Water at Khao Laem Dam

Khao Laem Dam looks spectacular during the wet season in Thailand, the water had risen all the way upto the tree-line marking the edge of the mountainous jungle. The fish were striking the lures very well in the afternoon session resulting in some beautiful giant snakehead and jungle perch (also known as hampala barb.)

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