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Catch Report
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Target Species:
Ram (groundbait) mix
Anglers Names:
Simon Edkins
Guide Names:
No. Fish Caught:
Average Weight:
Biggest Fish:
89lb (40 Kg)


Fishing Bungsamran Lake Bangkok
Fishing Thailand
Mekong Giant Catfish Fishing Bangkok
Simon - 60lb Mekong
Simon & Alley - 89lb
Simon - 40lb+

Fishing Bungsamran Lake Bangkok

When UK Stratford based Simon Edkins is not hunting from horse-back or flying birds of prey - he is out fishing; today at Bungsamran Lake in Bangkok.

The day started in great style with superb action from the start. Usually we like to fish from the far side using a bread crust mix of shrimp-style powder, coconut milk and water. However the lake's form recently was showing fish activity on the near side with good results coming on ram (groundbait).

Mekong Giant Catfish

Using ram the average size Mekong giant catfish was larger than if we were to use the bread crust, also the smaller striped catfish did not make their usual less-wanted appearance. It was late in the morning when Simon lumped into a whale of a catfish, stripping line off his reel as though it were not hooked. After some time the Mekong giant catfish showed signs of tiring, which turned out to be a bluff as this giant fish ripped line through the network of wooden posts beneath each fishing bungalow. In order to save the capture and reduce the risk of being cut off, Fish Thailand's Alley entered the water and proceeded to free the fish from the snags, then handing back the rod to Simon. The remaining fight was completed in warrior style as Simon drew the fish over the awaiting net.

The Action Goes On

Throughout the remainder of the day Simon landed many Mekong giant catfish between 50lb - 60lb, ending the day with aching muscles and a smile reaching from ear to ear. Simon fell in love with the fishing at Bungsamran Lake to the extent that he is coming back in a few days - so keep an eye on Fish Thailand's catch reports!

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