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Catch Report
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Target Species:
Fish Thailand bread mix & ram
Anglers Names:
Guide Names:
No. Fish Caught:
Average Size Fish :
35lb (14kg)
Biggest Fish:
46lb (21kg)


striped catfish
bighead carp
Siamese giant carp
46lb (21kg) Striped Catfish
Chinese Bighead Carp
22lb Giant Siamese Carp
carp fishing thailand
Bangkok Fishing
shadow Lake Thailand
25lb Giant Siamese Carp
Big Mouths!
44lb (20kg) Striped Catfish

Fish Thailand's Carp & Catfish Species Hunt

For many anglers fishing in Thailand is all about experiencing a good variety of wonderful fish species that can not be found back home. Keith is no exception and opted for a days fishing at Shadow Lake, where the target species were Siamese carp, Chinese bighead carp, Mekong catfish & Striped catfish.

Mekong Spits The Hook!

After a couple of enormous striped catfish over the 40lb mark all went quiet until the next run produced a healthy bend in the rod for Keith. The fish was immediately identified as a Mekong catfish by the long hard run heading out to the middle of the lake. After a ten minute fight and no line gained the Mekong giant catfish managed to spit the hook back at us. The moment was soon forgotten after a few more 35 - 46lb striped catfish had graced the banks.

Chinese Bighead Carp

Keith was over the moon to catch a bighead carp, although not the greatest fighter in the fish world - it is still an absolute joy for any carp angler to catch and admire.

Giant Siamese Carp

Keith's heart was set on a giant Siamese carp which is one of the reasons why we chose Shadow Lake over and above Bungsamran - although smaller there are far greater numbers of Siamese carp in Shadow Lake.

The fish God's were blessing us today as Keith hooked and landed 2 Siamese giant carp, displaying 2 totally different colourations; ending the day perfectly.

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