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Freshwater Fish Species of Thailand
Fishing Thailand Target Species

Bighead carp fishing in thailand
Fish Species of Thailand
Fishing in Thailand

Target Freshwater Fishing in Thailand

Freshwater fishing in Thailand offers the angler a variety of fish species to target, many of these fish are native freshwater fish species of Thailand and can only be found by fishing in Thailand and some neighbouring countries of South East Asia, these include barramundi, giant mekong catfish, siamese carp, giant snakhead

The freshwater fish species of Thailand listed below are the target species which the Fish Thailand Team pride their lifetime experience of fishing in Thailand upon. Information about each target specie includes: fish identification, scientific classification, local name, common name, natural environment, maximum weight, maximum length and which of Fish Thailand’s venues are most prolific to target the species of your choice.


Giant Featherback

Giant Featherback

Bronze Featherback
Clown Featherback

Clown Featherback


The above freshwater fish species of Thailand are categorised by common name for the purpose of anglers to easily identify which freshwater fish species to target whilst fishing in Thailand.

To see the above freshwater fish species categorised in a scientific classification table – click below

Scientific Classification Table



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