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Catch Report
1 Week Fishing Holiday Thailand

18th-24th May 2008 (7 days fishing)
Target Species:
Anglers Names:
Shawn & Pak
Guide Names:
Mekong giant catfish
Playing a Mekong giant catfish
Mekong giant catfish
Shawn & Pak - Mekong giant catfish fishing at Bungsamran in Bangkok
Barramundi fishing thailand
Barramundi fishing in Thailand
Hampala barb or Jungle perch
Shawn & Pak Barramundi fishing in Thailand - 7Kg & 7.5Kg
Shawn - Jungle Perch
Snakehead fishing in Thailand
Jungle fishing for snakehead in Thailand
Snakehead fishing in Thailand
Pak - 3.5Kg Snakehead
Shawn and 2 of his 18 snakeheads caught
Poy - wading in search of snakehead
Poy - also caught the smallest snakehead of the trip
Poy - 5Kg (11lb) Giant Snakehead caught fishing khao laem dam
Poy - Miss 'Fish' Thailand caught this wonderful giant snakehead of 5Kg (11lb)
Pak - 20Kg (44lb) striped catfish from Shadow Lake Bangkok
Shawn - 2.5lb mrigal caught fishing Shadow Lake in Bangkok
Shawn - Clown Featherback from Shadow Lake
Shadow Lake produced striped catfish to over 20Kg, clown featherback & mrigal
No: Giant Snakehead Caught:
40+ (biggest 11lb)
No: Jungle Perch
4 (biggest 2.5lb)
No: Barramundi
20+ (biggest 16lb)

Every year Shawn Moffitt - an American living & working in Korea comes fishing in Thailand with the Fish Thailand Team, this year with Korean friend - Pak.

Bungsamran Fishing Bangkok

The first day fishing of course had to be in Bangkok at Bungsamran Lake - a great fishing holiday appetiser. Fishing 2 rods for the 'action catfish' and 1 sleeper rod for carp\monster Mekongs - we set up on a larger bungalow in the near corner. We sacrificed the bungalows on the far side which produce more fish for this bungalow which from time to time produces bigger fish; this is what the extra sleeper rod is all about. Fish Thailand's biggest Mekong catfish & Siamese giant carp have fallen to anglers who take the extra big fish rod option. Today however was not the day for the sleeper rod and as it rested in the corner quietly, Shawn & Pak enjoyed catching the average 30lb-50lb Mekong catfish sporadically throughout the day.

Barramundi Fishing in Thailand

Last year the biggest barramundi was around 5kg - this year we had a special private pond where-by Shawn & Pak landed barramundi to 16lb - a great day's fishing.

Jungle Safari - Snakehead Fishing Khao Laem Dam

Shawn's highlight of each year's fishing holiday in Thailand is lure fishing for snakehead at Khao Laem Dam - with experience from last year and being the creator of Scary Baits - Shawn came equipped with the perfect armory of home-made lures. Each day for 4 days both Shawn & Pak caught a mix of giant Snakehead, striped snakehead & jungle perch.

Shadow Lake Fishing in Thailand

Featherback fishing with live tilapia \ carp produced 1 fish and the bait rods produced a dozen or so fish including a striped catfish of over 20Kg (44lb). Adding to this a mrigal of a couple of pounds ended the day with 3 exciting species ticked.

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