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Catch Report - September 2012

Jurassic Fishing Park
jurassic fishing park thailand
jurassic carp fishing Thailand
carp fishing jurassic fishing park in Thailand
Jurassic mountain resort and fishing park Thailand
fishing in Thailand at Jurassic fishing park
jurassic redtail catfish fishing in Thailand
Jurassic arapaima fishing in Thailand
redtail catfish fishing at Jurassic Fishing Park in Thailand
arapaima fishing at Jurassic Fishing Park Cha Am
Jurassic Fishing Park Thailand
redtail catfish fishing Jurassic Fishing Park Thailand Cha Am
carp fishing Jurassic Fishing Park Hua Hin
arapaima fishing in Thailand
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Bungsamran Lake
carp fishing in Bangkok
fishing at Bungsamran Lake in Bangkok
catfish fishing in Bangkok
fishing Bungsamran Lake Bangkok
fishing Bangkok for catfish
fishing Mekong catfish Thailand
Mekong catfish fishing in Bangkok
Boon Mar Ponds
barramundi fishing Boon Mar Ponds Thailand
Hua Hin Greenfield Valley
fishing in Hua Hin
fishing Greenfield Valley Hua Hin


Jurassic Fishing Park - Now Open & On Form!!

For the first time Jurassic Fishing Park opened their doors to anglers in the last week of September. Before the lake opens publically in December anglers who have booked through Fish Thailand have been enjoying an average of 15 carp a day to over 50lb. Such prolific carp fishing is currently unequalled by any other water in the country, adding to the action is plenty of redtail catfish. With not a single arapaima stocked under 100lb every angler that hooked one knew with certainty it would be a monster! Day trips from Bangkok are available to Jurassic Fishing Park - with such great fishing form from this new venue it is a 'must' for any angler. Infact most of Thailand's fishing venues are within a two hour drive of Bangkok making it the ideal base for fishing holidays.

Supermodel Celebrity

No guesses for which of the above anglers is the supermodel! Alice and her boyfriend Joe fished previously with Fish Thailand at Bungsamran, this time checking out Jurassic Fishing Park for two days fishing. The number of Siamese and Indian carp landed is unknown - literally loosing count by the end of the first day. Joe on day two went on to land a huge arapaima; one of the several big arapaima landed during the last week of September.

Bungsamran Lake - Monster Carp

For Giles Cate's first time fishing in Thailand he started his fishing holiday off at Bungsamran Lake. After being briefed about the elusiveness of Siamese carp and that patience over the week would be required, he hooked and landed a 140lb+ Siamese carp second cast!! One of the largest Siamese carp to be caught from Bungsamran for some time, this specimen of course went on to become the highlight of Giles fishing holiday in Thailand.

Hua Hin Greenfield Valley

Another great fishery in the Hua Hin / Cha Am area of Thailand - just within a couple hours drive of Bangkok. Here Fish Thailand regular Nils enjoyed some spectacular fishing - almost emptying the lake by himself! Pictured above are just two of his massive haul of fish - a beautiful arapaima and cracking Siamese carp.

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