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Thailand Fishing & Catch Report
Father & Son Day's Fishing Bags 150lb Catfish


10th September 2010

Target Species:
Anglers Names:
Dave & Karl Pearson
Guide Names:
Bangkok's Best Fishing Lake - Bungsamran - More 100lb+ Fish Than Anywhere in Thailand
Karl & Fish Thailand Guide 'Wee' with a cracking 150lb Mekong catfish
Catching freshwater fish in Thailand
Struggling to raise the enormous catfish for a picture
Fishing in Thailand at Bungsamran Lake Bangkok
Dave with one of his many Mekong catfish from Bungsamran Lake in Bangkok
No. Fish Total:
Total Weight:
1007 lb
Biggest Fish:
150 lb

UK based anglers Dave & Karl Pearson embarked on a father & son day's fishing in Bangkok at Bungsamran Lake. After seeing Extreme Fishing Thailand with Robson Green on TV, along with a lot of other media surrounding the fantastic fishing in Thailand; they booked a four day fishing trip with Fish Thailand.

Today was day one of their session and the game plan being to have a 'welcome to Thailand' action day's Mekong catfish fishing. Just a few minutes into the day both Karl & Dave found themselves bending into the power of the famous Mekong catfish, landing one after another averaging 45lb. To their delight everything they had seen and read about Bungsamran was absolutely true, and then Karl struck gold as he bent into a fight he will never forget.

150 yards of line stripped from the reel before the fish was turned just before reaching the safety of the snags. Another half an hour passed before the fish finally surfaced to a rather exhausted and relieved Karl - in the net lay a 150lb Mekong catfish.

The total weight of all 22 fish combined was 1007lb - an incredible amount of big fish in just a single day's fishing.

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