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Catch Report
Latest Weekly Update

Target Species:
Fish Thailand bread mix & ram
Anglers Names:
Per & Marcus
Guide Names:
No. Fish Caught:
Average Size Fish :
30lb (14kg)
Biggest Fish:
53lb (24kg)


Mekong giant catfish
Fishing Bangkok
Catfish Fishing Thailand
Per - Mekong catfish
44lb Mekong catfish
Marcus - 53lb catfish
Bungsamran Lake Fishing
pacu fishing bangkok
Goy - 44lb Mekong catfish
Marcus - Pacu

The Fishing Thailand Challenge

Last year Per came fishing with the Fish Thailand Team to Bungsamran along with his wife and parents-in-law. It was on that day last year that Per's father-in-law caught a 41kg Mekong giant catfish, which can be seen by playing our movie.

Today Per returned with his wife and friends to try and beat the 'family record' set last year by his father-in-law.

Location Location Location

Upon arrival at Bungsamran Lake we were faced with strong winds and the discovery that building work was being carried out next to our previously booked bungalow. After some discussion we decided to upgrade bungalow to our 'night pro-carp bungalow' which occupies it's own island and it's own pocket of fish unreachable by other bungalows. This turned out to be a perfect decision as instantly Mekong giant catfish were hitting our baits while the rest of the lake was fishing a little slower.

Girl Power!

Although the most avid anglers in this group of 4 are Per and his friend Marcus, their other halves also joined in from time to time and handled these hard fighting catfish with great skill - pictures shown above.

The 'Bag-Up'

Approximately 40 striped and Mekong giant catfish were landed mostly between the 2 guys, putting big smiles on their faces from start to finish. Marcus sadly lost a big catfish to the snag where the old bridge used to be before it was removed; hence leaving a nasty fish trap underwater! However as a constellation prize Marcus did catch a beautiful pacu which are always welcome.

All in all a great day but Per since has spoken to us and booked another day later on this month - keep an eye on our catch reports to see if he can beat the 41kg mark.

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