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June Catch Report

Bonus 'UK Special' Featuring John Wilson & Eddie Mounce
Jurassic Fishing Park - Cha Am - Thailand
Jurassic fishing in Thailand
Bungsamran Lake - Bangkok - Thailand
fishing in Bangkok
fishing in Bangkok
fishing in Bangkok
fishing in Bangkok
fishing in Bangkok
fishing in Bangkok
fishing in Bangkok
fishing in Bangkok
fishing in Bangkok
fishing in Bangkok
fishing in Bangkok
fishing in Bangkok
fishing in Bangkok
fishing in Bangkok
Fish Thailand's Annual UK Trip - with John Wilson M.B.E
Homersfield Lake - Norfolk - England
homersfield lake fishing england
eddie mounce fishing homersfield lake england
Homersfield Lake - 35 acres of heaven
Eddie - doing battle with a decent fish
eddie mounce - 27lb 08oz leather carp
Eddie Mounce - 27lb 08oz -leather carp
tim blyth fishing england
tim blyth fishing homersfield lake norfolk
Great friend Tim Blyth battling his carp towards the awaiting landing net held by John
Tim Blyth & John Wilson M.B.E - 20lb 08oz common carp
Tim Blyth - 20lb 08oz common carp
John Wilson's Private Lake - 'Lake House' - Norfolk - England
John Wilson's private lake in Norfolk
John Wilson's stunning private lake - a classic tench & carp water
John Wislon & Eddie Mounce fishing in Norfolk - 6lb 08oz tench
Eddie Mounce & John Wilson - 6lb 08oz tench
Hoveton Great Broad - Norfolk - England
eddie mounce lure fishing for pike in England
Lure hungry jack pike make great summer sport in England
Fishing Norfolk Broads with Eddie Mounce
Fishing on a private broad meant plenty of hits!
Fishing England with Eddy Mounce
The smallest pike of the day - still great fun!


Jurassic Fishing Park & Bungsamran Lake

For three weeks around the end of June to the middle of July Fish Thailand's Eddie Mounce takes his annual holiday to England, meaning less pictures & less report of the fishing in Thailand during that period.

Arapaima fishing proved to be on form for Andy Harman banking 4 arapaima in just 3 short fishing sessions at Jurassic Fishing Park. In fear of his wife divorcing him Andy fished short sessions at a time with just the one rod and kept on the move. Stalking the arapaima is often the most effective technique and indeed proved very useful while on a family holiday!

Meanwhile at Bungsamran Lake Andy also pulled out a big Mekong catfish well over 100lb in a single days fishing accompanied by his wife and sold to her as 'a nice day out!'

June and July in fact saw numerous big Mekong catfish landed at Bungsamran Lake for those anglers fishing in Bangkok.

Homersfield Lake - UK Trip

While on his annual holiday in the UK Eddie Mounce took the opportunity to fish with his lifelong buddy Tim Blyth and great friend John Wilson.

John had arranged some wonderful fishing at three venues - Homersfield Lake - Hoveton Great Broad & his own private lake at his home in Norfolk.

Fishing floating dog biscuit at range on Homersfield Lake was incredibly exciting and seemed to do the trick on a particularly difficult week according to the locals who were struggling. Eddie was the first to hook up and after a powerful fight on fairly light tackle his 27lb 08oz leather carp graced the banks. The fish were spooked for some time after this commotion and John being the gentleman he is insisted that Tim took the next opportunity which resulted in a cracking 20lb 08oz common carp. This was all in a mornings stalking on a hot summers day so the lunch prepared by lake owner Norman Simmons at his house overlooking the estate was most welcome. The plan to fish the afternoon session soon fell apart after a few glasses of red wine and good conversation.

'Lake House' - John Wilson's Private Lake

Pulling up at 5a.m to John's house still sleepy eyed - Tim & Eddie were greeted by a very enthusiastic and highly organised Mr. Wilson; who had several rods made up and a couple of swims pre-baited.

John's lake is one of true matured natural beauty in a setting most idyllic for early morning tench fishing. Although most anglers seem to prefer carp fishing Eddie was secretly hoping to get through to one of large English tench residing in this hideaway of an oasis.

As pictured above at 6lb 08oz Eddie's tench wish was granted and if you ask him which fish was more memorable - the 27lb 08oz carp from Homersfield or the 6lb 08oz tench caught fishing peacock quill besides a lily pad bed amongst a cauldron of pin-head sized fizzing bubbles - he will choose the later but cherish them both just the same.

Hoveton Great Broad - Norfolk - England

Another private water that John lined up for Eddie & Tim was this Norfolk Broad that pike anglers would literally give their right arm to gain access to fish - and so were both overwhelmed with gratitude. Environment Agency top man 'Nick' showed the way to the broad and provided the boat for the days lure fishing for pike.

Eddie's love for lure fishing in Thailand for giant snakehead had only ever been applied a few times to fishing in England for pike so was another great experience. Catching plenty of summer jacks on lures was great sport - the suspense of a monster pike hitting the lure was always present making even small pike enthralling for the split second of each strike.

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