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Catch Report - January 2013

Jurassic Fishing Park
Jurassic Mountain Resort & Fishing Park Thailand
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Bungsamran Lake
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Jurassic Fishing Park

Jurassic Fishing Park threw up some bumper catches for the 45 anglers who fished with Fish Thailand in January, although the cooler weather slowed down the mornings for some anglers, others enjoyed non stop action with over 20 fish in a day. Amongst all of the fish caught between these anglers, the bulk were 289 carp and 138 Amazon Redtail catfish.

For Patrick, Daniel, Darren & Tommy the Siamese carp proved a little slow in the first couple of hours of the day, picking up towards lunch time. The four anglers on a day trip from Bangkok fished in the easterly bay of the lake where after a few hours of baiting the Siamese carp began to put in an appearance offering terrific fights on our well-balanced carp tackle. Ending up with 16 fish between them was deemed a good days fishing by all, despite the fact we knew the lake could be much more productive. Patrick came very close to making the day even more memorable as he placed his dead-bait tight to the margins where he had spotted an arapaima moving regularly. With a terrific explosion of water in the shallow margins and an awesome display of torpedo like disruption the arapaima bolted and immediately threw the hook as everyone starred on in amazement and disbelief.

Robert Brooks was granted a one-day pass by his wife for fishing while on their holiday. Of course for Robert the reason for coming to Thailand was fishing whereas his wife may argue that the reason was a holiday! Robert's expectations of the days fishing were met with 7 Siamese carp and 7 catla catla (Indian carp) finished with a bonus redtail catfish. He can now confidently report to his wife that the Thailand holiday was a success!

Fishing friends Kaare and Nils from Denmark will be familiar names to regular followers of Fish Thailand catch reports. Their latest visit to Thailand saw the specimen hunting duo take advantage of the new fishing heaven with two days leisurely fishing at Jurassic. On Kaare's last visit he caught a huge arapaima with seemingly great ease for which everyone was very pleased for him. His first days fishing this visit again saw Kaare quite casually catch another monstrous arapaima while Nils was busy enjoying sport from Siamese carp. Their second and last days fishing for this visit was also accompanied by a fellow fishing buddy Irik who while catching plenty of carp and redtail catfish regretfully could not tempt any arapaima.

Bungsamran Lake

Of the 88 anglers that fished Bungsamran with Fish Thailand this month not a single one had a bad experience. Only this one venue could boast that everyone catches big fish and the only variation is 'how big' with the average giant Mekong catfish being 20kg and many over 50kg caught it's Thailand's number freshwater big game venue.

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