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Catch Report
Latest Weekly Update

Target Species:
Bread crumb, ram, amino acids, met foams
Anglers Names:
Shawn & Hyon
Guide Names:
No. Fish Caught:
Average Size Fish :
38lb (18kg)
Biggest Fish:
Approx 75-88lb (35-40kg)


Shadow Lake
Hyon - 18.5kg striped catfish


Fish Thailand's exclusive new venue - Shadow Lake is now open for guided fishing trips. Fish species & sizes are very similar to Bungsamran Lake - with Mekong catfish to 308lb\(140kg), Siamese carp to 220lb\(100kg) & striped catfish to over 55lb\(25kg). The main difference being that the stocking level of catfish is lower than that of Bungsamran Lake making targeting carp species such as Indian carp, Chinese bighead carp & Siamese carp an easier & more realistic task.


The average size striped catfish is around 36lb-39lb\(16-18kg) which is a huge size for this catfish species. Fish Thailand have regularly caught the striped catfish here to 55lb\(25kg). Shawn & Hyon were Fish Thailand's first clients to Shadow Lake and pictured above is Hyon with an outstanding 41lb\(18.5kg) striped catfish!


The big question 'how does Shadow Lake compare to Bungsamran Lake?'

Bungsamran Lake is an incredible venue with a larger stocking density of Mekong & striped catfish than any other freshwater lake in Thailand - perhaps the world. Dreams & PB's are made at this famous water where Fish Thailand have guided countless anglers into their Thailand fishing trip of a lifetime. Siamese carp fishing is of course a challenge but an exciting possibility, Fish Thailand has the highest track record for providing record breaking Siamese carp to our clients for years. However the numbers of other carp species such as Indian carp & Chinese bighead carp are seriously low in comparison to the enormous stocking level of catfish - making targeting these other beautiful carp species very unrealistic.

Shadow Lake has a lower stocking level of Mekong & striped catfish, on average it is normal to catch 5 - 15 catfish as opposed to Bungsamran's average of 20 - 40 catfish in a day. The Mekong catfish at Shadow Lake run to a similar size to Bungsamran of 308lb\(140kg) - and striped catfish run to a much heavier weight than Bungsamran of 55lb\(25kg). There are higher numbers of all other carp species in Shadow Lake and coupled with the lower catfish stocking levels this means that results when targeting all other carp species are much better. The diversity of fish species Fish Thailand can offer our clients are far greater at Shadow Lake. Today, Shawn landed an immaculate Mekong catfish of apprximately 88lb\(40kg) - part of a 7 fish haul. A beautiful Chinese bighead carp of approximately 33lb\(15kg) was hooked by Hyon but unfortunately spat the hook inches from the landing net!


Bungsamran offers the lap of fishing luxury with beautiful new private fishing bungalows, electricity, running water and modern toilet and shower blocks. Fish Thailand provides lunch & soft drinks included in the price. Also due to the amount of anglers this venue receives, the difficulty level of keeping fish out of snags & the vast number of catfish hooked in a day; Fish Thailand provides our clients with 2 - 4 elite Fish Thailand guides working hard all day to ensure you are always landing these hard fighting fish. The fees here are high which is reflected in the price of 1 angler 5900 B \ 2+ anglers 4900 B each.

Shadow Lake is a more picturesque & natural lake but has basic Asian style toilets and a more rustic & authentic style of bank fishing as opposed to bungalows. With less fish caught in a day and no bungalows to worry about snagging the hooked fish - a smaller team of our guides is supplied to our clients further reducing the costs. Food & soft drinks can be purchased near by and are not included in the price - there is shade and comfortable seats on the banks. Fish Thailand operate guided fishing trips to Shadow Lake for 3500 B per person.

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