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Catch Report
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Target Species:
Fish Thailand bread mix - 'special' ingredients
Anglers Names:
Bungalow 1 - Ky Hall \ Bungalow 2- Frankie
Guide Names:
No. Fish Caught:
Average Size Fish :
32lb (15kg)
Biggest Fish:
57lb (26kg)
Mekong giant catfish
Fishing in Thailand
Fishing Thailand - Ky Hall

Fishing Thailand - Frankie


Fishing Thailand - Bangkok - Bungsamran

Today two groups of anglers with different goals in mind chose Fish Thailand as their fishing guides for fishing in Bangkok at Bungsamran. Ky Hall from England had one day to achieve his dream of catching a giant Siamese carp. Frankie wanted constant catfish action from mid-size fish.

Catfish Fishing at Bungsamran

Frankie's bungalow was off to a slow start with only a few striped catfish gracing the banks, where as Ky's bungalow produced Mekong giant catfish from the word 'go'. However as the morning progressed Frankie's swim also turned up Mekong giant catfish after Mekong giant catfish after Mekong giant catfish; to the extent that Frankie was reduced aching muscles and shaking legs as he played the fish from a close to laying down position!!

The One That Got Away - A Sad Sad Story!

Ky, like all anglers wishing to target giant Siamese carp was told with all honesty that the odds are against us with only 1 day fishing at Bungsamran. Fish Thailand have the highest track record of producing carp in short sessions above all others - even so, it is hit or miss.

Ky opted for 2 carp rods to set a good trap and give himself better odds. Not so much as a knock occured all day to these rods until 5p.m - only 1 hour from pack up.

The run was immense as Ky quickly bent into the fish, at this stage of a fight it is usually not certain whether the fish is a Siamese giant carp or Mekong giant catfish. This was not a usual fight however. Straight away within seconds the fish tail-walked at close range, launching its' body high out of the water; clealy showing off its' large dark scales, enormous head and huge powerful tail fin. It showed everyone that without a shadow of a doubt it would have easily broken the 80lb mark of pure & beautiful - SIAMESE GIANT CARP!!!!!! In the same moment the fish twisted, turned and came slamming down on the line - braking it clean off AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Words can not describe the pain, and for the sake of Ky reading this, it is best not to try!

Next time Ky.........................

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