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Catch Report
3 Days Fishing Bangkok Produces 73 Fish for 2715lb

17th-19th June 2010
Target Species:
Anglers Names:
Kelly & Andrew
Guide Names:
carp fishing in Bangkok at Bungsamran Lake
Carp fishing Thailand in Bangkok at Bungsamran Lake
66lb Siamese carp fell to Andrew on the final day 3
Mekong giant catfish fishing Bungsamran Lake Bangkok
catfish fishing in Bangkok at Bungsamran Lake
Day 2 produced this cracking Mekong catfish - the waiting game paid off
catfish fishing  Bangkok at Bungsamran Lake
The total weight of fish over 3 days hit an incredible 2715lb between 73 fish landed
No. Species:
No. Fish Total:
73 fish total (2715lb)
Biggest Fish:
100lb Mekong catfish
Best Fish:
66lb Siamese carp

Fishing in Bangkok at Bungsamran Lake

Kelly & Andrew from England had dreamed of fishing Bangkok at Bungsamran Lake ever since they watched Extreme Fishing Thailand with Robson Green on TV. The game plan for their three days fishing Bungsamran was to target the standard Mekong catfish with two rods on day one, to ensure a good start to their three days. Day two would be used to fish both rods solely for big Mekong catfish by margin fishing from a large bungalow occupying the bottom bay of Bungsamran Lake. The third and final day would be a combination of the first two days with one rod out for the standard 'action' catfish and the second rod in the margins for Siamese carp.

It's not every time a game plan works so perfectly that no changes are made into the session as the days go on. However day one saw Kelly & Andrew hauling Mekong's one after another averaging 40lb all day long. Day two was much quieter as expected when specimen fishing and eventually produced a 100lb Mekong catfish & day three miraculously produced a cracking 66lb Siamese carp - a great result for this time of year (the carp are notoriously tricky in the Thai summer).

Kelly & Andrew between them landed 73 fish over three days weighing a total of 2715lb - they are two very sore but happy anglers! Well done the both of you!

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