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Catch Report
Fishing in Thailand for Monster Carp & Catfish

12 & 13 January 2008
Target Species:
Ram (groundbait) mix,
Anglers Names:
Chris & Steve
Guide Names:
110lb Mekong giant catfish from Bungsamran Lake in Bangkok
Carp fishing thailand
Fishing Bangkok for Giant Mekong catfish
110lb Mekong giant catfish
62lb Siamese giant carp
106lb Mekong giant catfish
Family Fishing at BUngsamran Lake in Bangkok - Thailand
Playing 100lb+ fish in Thailand
Fishing in Thailand - Land of the Giant Fish
Pro-Guide 'Alley' helps his son 'friendship' play large Mekong catfish
No. Fish Caught:
Biggest Catfish:
110lb & 106lb
Biggest Carp:



Steve & Chris from England began their holiday with a 2 day fishing trip in Thailand at Bungsamran Lake with the Fish Thailand Team. They fished through the 2 days and slept overnight in the bungalow, providing them with a air-conditioning, a comfortable bed, cable TV and a view over the lake!

The first day they fished mostly for the 'standard' size catfish of around 40lb, once this became too much we dropped both rods down on a pre-baited area for carp and monster cats. A few small Mekong catfish were taken during the remainder of the day on this setup and were confident that the target quarry would appear tomorrow - day 2.

Exactly as hope by lunch time on the second and last day one of the carp rods screamed off producing a cracking fight from the 62lb Siamese giant carp pictures above. This was already enough of a fabulous result to put smiles on both Chris and Steve's faces; until not much later another fish was hooked up.

This time a Mekong giant catfish of 'monster' proportions - usually you would continue to read the same old story of how the fish relentlessly ploughed across the lake causing the angler to groan in pain. Only this fish did not have the 'beans' and was calmly played out in no real length of time. The reason was quite apparent, as you can see in the photos this particular fish is very slim - actually under-weight. If it's weight was in proportion to its' length it would easily weigh over 150lb.

Just as the day was coming to an end and the kit was being packed down, a final run resulted in another 'monster' Mekong weighing in at 106lb.

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