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Bangkok Fishing & Catch Report
'Swamp Rat' Helps Land 170lb Mekong Catfish


6th August 2011

Target Species:
Anglers Names:
Tim & Simon
Guide Names:
The Fish Thailand Team in Action
FT guides Eddie, Alley & Wee along with angler Simon trying to tame the beast
170lb Mekong Catfish
Simon (left) proudly displaying his 170lb Mekong giant catfish capture
Fishing in Bangkok Bungsamran Lake
Fishing buddy Tim with one of his many Mekong catfish caught today
Mekong giant Catfish fishing Thailand
This cracking 84lb Mekong catfish seemed small after the above monster!
No. Fish Total:
Biggest Fish :

Tim & Simon's first time fishing in Thailand started with a Bangkok hang-over soon cured by a good work out at Bungsamran Lake. A typical lads banter throughout the morning as each was out done by the other, Tim was leading with a 65lb Mekong catfish and then Simon landed a cracker at 84lb to Tim's dismay.

Just as Tim thought there was a chance of catching up, Simon then hooked into the incredible beast pictured above. At around 170lb it took Fish Thailand's Alley much swimming around under the bungalows trying to follow the fish through the snags.

The famous Thai technique of cutting the line and re-tying to eliminate the snagged sections of line was employed twice throughout the fight, all the while Alley still in the lake; it was Simon that named him 'Swamp Rat!'

Guides in the lake, line cutting, 150m runs and over 1 hour late coupled with heavy monsoon rain there was no point in risking lifting the fish out and instead pictures were taken in the shallows.

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