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Sea Fishing in Thailand
Koh Samet Fishing

The Gulf of Thailand which surrounds the tropical island paradise of Koh Samet is teaming with tropical marine game fish of all sizes and varieties. Coupled with the white sand beaches, luxury bungalow resort, restaurants, bars, clean blue sea and the swaying palm trees – Koh Samet fishing holidays are not only for anglers but also for the whole family to enjoy.

Koh Samet is conveniently located only 2.5 hours (200km) south east of Bangkok by minivan and 1 hour from Pattaya. This is a truly unique combination of professionally guided world class big game sea fishing coupled with a first class tropical island holiday.

Koh Samet Maps Koh Samet Maps & Location

Our luxury bungalow resort, restaurant, speed boats & white sand beach tucked away into an idyllic bay is at your complete disposal; this guided fishing & tropical island holiday combination is exclusive only to Fish Thailand and can not be found anywhere else.

Sea fishing in Thailand is truly magical with a vast array of tropical marine species to target, guided by our team of top fishing guides. A 50 meter walk to the water’s edge from your luxury bungalow brings you to where our private speed boat is moored – exclusively for you and your party to board for a days fishing. Each day of fishing will begin at 6a.m in order to allow time to get out to the fish zones and take advantage of the early morning feeding spells.

Our Fish Thailand boat operator has over 20 years sea craft experience around Koh Samet and knows this ocean better than anyone. His job is to take us out to the target species of your choice, which depending on conditions could be 15 minutes – 1 hour travelling time from the island by speed boat, where your Koh Samet fishing experience begins.

Once the anchor is lowered Fish Thailand guides help you rig up and bait up before dropping the bait down through the clear, deep water and into the fish’s layer on the sandy sea bed. Depending on the target species Fish Thailand guides will demonstrate to you different rigs, baits & techniques used for hooking each target specie.

Another devastatingly effective technique used for sea fishing in Thailand is trolling; this is an exhilarating technique as the lures are hit with massive ferocity by the fish. The most exciting aspect of Koh Samet fishing is the diversity of fish species to target which vary considerably in size, colour, shape and feeding & fighting characteristics.

The abundance of fish species present in the Gulf of Thailand makes for great sport on a Koh Samet fishing holiday. Some of these fish include the trevally, barracuda, grouper, garfish, rockcod, parrotfish, coral trout, dorado, emperor, shark, stingray, kingfish, triple tail, pompano, snapper, and seaperch.

Koh Samet is essentially an island for relaxing and enjoying the quiet life close to nature. Being partly a national park, Koh Samet boasts one of Thailand’s cleanest beaches & sea. The shallow water surrounding Koh Samet makes for perfect snorkelling & swimming in complete safety.

A leisurely stroll along the beach will take you to numerous restaurants and bars, each of which has tables, chairs & lounges set out on the beach for you to enjoy a meal and drink while looking out over the Gulf of Thailand. In the evenings there are fire throwing displays which add to the magic of this tucked away bay on Koh Samet.

Back on the island we have several styles of bungalow for you to choose from depending on the size of your group. All our bungalows have air-conditioning, cable TV, refrigerator, en-suite hot-water shower & toilet, single or double beds & balcony.

Whether you are a group of fanatical anglers or a family – this is the perfect and only true specialist fishing & tropical island holiday. While the fishing group members experience the private big game day fishing, the non-fishing group members are able to enjoy the sights and attractions that the Samet Island has to offer. In the evening the entire group will be able to eat the days’ catch, unwind and relax together.

Koh Samet receives significantly less rainfall than the neighbouring mainland provinces, even though it is only a few kilometres offshore. The island has its own micro-climate (the driest island in Thailand) and can be visited throughout the year. Even in rainy season, Koh Samet has substantially less rain than the other islands in Thailand. However the best time of year to book your Koh Samet fishing holiday is from the beginning of October through to the end of December. For these months the sea is flat calm, there is little or no rainfall, the temperature is perfect, the warm breeze is gentle & most importantly fishing for the majority of target species is at its best.

Fish Thailand welcomes you to customise your Koh Samet fishing holiday package to suit your group and preferences. Fish Thailand will collect you from your Bangkok or Pattaya hotel by luxury air-conditioned minivan and take you to the pier where our private speed-boat will be waiting to take you to our luxury resort. On the final day we return to our minivan on the mainland in our speed-boat, from there we take you directly back to your hotel – in Pattaya or in Bangkok.


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