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Catch Report
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Target Species:
king fish, mixed bag fish
Squid, live baits
Anglers Names:
Pete Rogers
Guide Names:
No. Target Fish Caught:
No. Mixed Bag Fish Caught:
Biggest Fish:
18lb (8kg)
king fish
gaffing a king fish
Pete - king fish
Gaff Action

Pete booked a 2 day 1 night sea fishing Koh Samet & holiday package of which we fished for 1 day. At 5a.m we climbed on board our speed boat which took us straight from the beach to our awaiting fishing boat; a further 40 minutes later and we lowered anchor to begin the fishing.

3 rods were immediately rigged up for float fished live baits set at 7m deep in 20m of water off the stern. These rods were set to target the king fish although a multidude of species would also hit livebaits.

While the 'sleeper rods' await a run we tackled up another 3 rods baited with squid to bottom fish for 'mixed bag' species. Throughout the first half of the day a wide variety of small speices were keeping Pete occupied until the silence was broken by the sound of a screaming reel coming from the stern. To everyones delight it was indeed a fast hit on one of the livebait rods, Pete connected with a solid bend into a good fish, until 10 seconds into the fish's first hard run the unimaginable happened - the brand-new straight out of the packet Mustard hook had snapped clean at the bend of the hook. Although spirits were high after hooking into such a great fish, there was also an air of disbelief that the fish was lost due to a 'freak' hook - a very rare occourance.

An hour before we had to up anchor and head back to shore, just when it was looking like a blank day for the big game rods - a fast run kicked Pete, the guides & the crew into action as another good fish was struck into firmly on one of the livebait rods. Pete had quickly made progress on the fish and as the guides gaffed the fish with great precision it was clear that Pete had caught a beautiful king fish - a real prize.

Weighing in at 18lb it was a marvelous end to a magical day at sea. Unlike much of our fresh water fishing venues, sea fishing is an uncertainty and to end with a good king fish and a good mixed bag of small species is a rewarding days' fishing.

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