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Catch Report
Latest Weekly Update

Target Species:
Fish Thailand bread mix & banana
Anglers Names Bungalow 1:
Gerald Tan
Anglers Names Bungalow 2:
Austin, Will & Jason
Guide Names:
No. Fish Caught:
Average Size Fish :
40lb (18kg)
Biggest Mekong Catfish :
48lb (22kg)
Biggest Siamese Carp ::
22lb (10kg)
Biggest Pacu :
15lb (7kg)
Gerald - Mekong Catfish
Jason - Siamese Carp
Gerald - Mekong 40lb
Jason - Siamese Carp 22lb
Austin - Pacu
Will - Mekong Catfish
Austin - Pacu 15lb
Will - Mekong Catfish 44lb

Thailand Fishing Bungsamran Bangkok - Bungalow 1

Gerald Tan from Singapore booked 2 days Thailand fishing - this was day 1 targeting the Mekong catfish. The cats were off to an early start with 2 40's in 2 casts - the day continued as it started and Gerald landed 22 catfish during this Thailand fishing session at Bungsamran Lake in Bangkok. Tomorrow we will be guiding Gerald into the paths of some barramundi so keep an eye out on Thailand's most upto date and original catch reports.

3 Anglers - 3 Target Species - Mission Complete - Bungalow 2

Austin, Will & Jason decided upon a Thailand fishing experience; and were very specific about their target species and choice of fishing styles. They were keen to target the pacu, Mekong catfish and a shot at the Siamese carp.

The morning was spent catching Mekong catfish of which one was exceptionally large hooked by Austin. 40 minutes was spent leap frogging bungalows chasing this monster catfish and Fish Thailand guide Golf spent most of the time swimming around snags with the rod in hand. 3 Fish Thailand guides were working hard with Austin to land this fish but unfortuantely the line had taken too much of a beating and gave way - this fish was estimated around the 120lb mark!

Jason managed to catch a small but beautifully conditioned Siamese carp which recieved a lot of attention from other anglers at Bungsamran.

Austin then requested to fish for pacu - a fish which loves to eat banana! Eddie guided Austin into a remote corner of Bungsamran and rigged up a killer method on light tackle to target the pacu - 2 beautiful specimens were successfully landed and ended the day in great spirit.

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