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28 September 2007
Boon Mar Ponds - NEW private pool
Target Species:
Dark Pike & Salmon Flies \ Diving Lures
Anglers Names:
Guide Names:
No. Fish Caught:
Average Weight:
Biggest Fish:
13lb (6 Kg)


Fly fishing Thailand
Fly caught barramundi in Thailand
Yakoob Thoroughly Enjoying a Day's Fly Fishing for Barramundi
Tail Walking Barramundi Fishing in Thailand
Fly - Caught Barramundi are Full of Tail-Walking Displays
Eddie Mounce - Fly Fishing Guide Thailand
Barramundi fishing Thailand
Eddie Mounce - Fly Fishing Guide
This one was Caught on Lure

Yakoob from Hong Kong is a keen and skillful fly angler who has previously fished for wild barramundi in Australia.

Today we chose Fish Thailand's new private pool - which is part of the Boon Mar Ponds fishery make-up. Here the barramundi were averaging 11lb (5Kg) and Yakoob was as excited as the Fish Thailand Team about fishing this new pool.

Straight on the fly tackle for both Fish Thailand's Eddie Mounce and also Yakoob. Setting up a number 7 floating fly line with 6ft of 10lb line to a 1ft 50lb mono-trace was the order of the day.

To everyone's delight the barramundi hit the large black pike fly patterns almost immediately and began their famous tail-walking displays.

Yakoob mentioned that to him the fight from these barramundi was as strong and exciting as the barramundi he has caught in Australia. The key difference being that on this day well over 20 barramundi graced the banks; providing a truely exhilarating day's barramundi fishing in Thailand.

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