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Fishing Thailand Catch Report
Fishing Holiday 23rd-28th December '06

26th 27th 28th December 2006
Target Species:
Fish Thailand ground-bread mix - 'special' ingredients
Anglers Names:
Tim & John
Guide Names:
No. Fish Caught:

3 giant Siamese giant carp & 1 Mekong giant catfish

Average Size Fish :
Biggest Fish:
Mekong giant catfish 198lb \ 90Kg !!
record catfish

198lb Mekong giant catfish


Fishing Thailand Holiday at Bungsamran Lake Bangkok

Tim & John from England booked in for a 7 day fishing Thailand holiday; their primary target species were Siamese giant carp & Mekong giant catfish. Both clients had come fishing in Bangkok, Thailand on previous occasions and had caught many catfish to 90lb; now they request carp & catfish over 100lb in their 7 day fishing Thailand holiday.

Day 4 of The 7 Day Fishing Thailand Holiday

So far in the first 4 days Time & John have caught 9 carp upto 108lb. Now they are after 100lb+ Mekong giant catfish.

198lb Mekong Giant Catfish

1 hours 30 minutes battle that estimated to strip a total of 1km of line during the gruelling fight as Tim worked hard to bring the fish in - only to be destroyed mentally time and time again as the fish continually U-turned taking back 150 meters of line! Tim & John's fishing holiday in Thailand can only be described as 'outstanding.'

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