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Fishing in Thailand Catch Report
Fishing Holidays Thailand

26th Jan - 2nd Feb '09 (8 days fishing)
Target Species:
Anglers Names:
Jozsef & Tamas
Guide Names:
28lb 09oz Indian carp caught jungle fishing in Thailand
Rohu fishing in Thailand Khao Laem Dam
28lb 09oz rohu (Indian carp) from Khao Laem Dam - Kanchanaburi
6 rod setup for rohu carp fishing in Thailand
Fish Thailand sponsored by Penn tackle to achieve great carp fishing in Thailand
Awaiting a run: Six rod matching setup sponsored to Fish Thailand by Penn
Black carp (shark) jungle fishing in Thailand
Jungle carp fishing Thailand Khao Laem Dam
Two cracking black carp caught jungle fishing in Thailand
Jozsef, Tamas & Eddy Mounce jungle fishing in Khao Laem Dam Kanchanaburi
freshwater stingray fishing Thailand
Jungle fishing - great fish - great friends
Freshwater Stingray Fishing in Thailand
Mekong giant catfish fishing Bangkok
Fishing in Bangkok at Bungsamran Lake
Jozsef loved the Mekong catfish action
Tamas with a lovely Mekong catfish
No. Target Species:
Biggest Indian Carp:
28lb 09oz
Biggest Black Carp:
Biggest Stingray:
Biggest Mekong Catfish:

Thailand Fishing Holiday

Jozsef and Tomas are two very well known anglers in Hungary, producing many fantastic fishing DVD’s from their travels. This was their first time fishing in Thailand and their itinerary was as diverse as the fish they caught.

Jungle Carp Fishing Thailand

The first day we spent driving across Thailand to our destination – Khao Laem Dam in Kanchanaburi. Upon arrival and a short boat ride later the tackle was setup on the private carp fishing raft, positioned over 300kg of pre-baited water. That evening back at the bungalow resort spirits were high and ‘talking fish’ built up the confidence.

Just as there was enough morning light to see the marker float all six Penn sponsorship rods were cast into position. Two hours passed and not a bite – but the signs of rohu & black carp rolling over the feed were encouraging. Soon after the middle rod hooped over and Tomas was straight on it, keeping the rod high still didn’t bring the carp up in the water quick enough as it caught in the snags. Keeping pressure on the fish eventually it broke free from the snags and the fight resumed. A huge kite to the right of the carp fishing raft saw the rohu find another snag, but at closer inspection from Eddy who swam out to have a look; it was luckily stuck in only 10ft of water. Eddy dived down to free the fish from the snag and came up gasping ‘it’s a cracking Rohu.’ Shortly after it slipped into the waiting net and weighing in at 28lb 8oz (13Kg) it was a true specimen.

Jungle Snags!

As you will have gathered the snags, as usual, were to pose a frustration. In the first day alone four Rohu (Indian carp) were lost to the snags – they were extremely unforgiving. Lots of black carp were landed averaging 5lb with the best being around 10lb; a beautiful fish species of Thailand.

Freshwater Stingray Fishing Thailand

After an enjoyable and successful jungle carp fishing trip the next port of call was the Bang Pakong River at Chachoengsao; the target fish being the freshwater stingray. The first run of the day resulted in a cut off and the remainder managed to produce a small freshwater stingray.

Fishing Bungsamran Lake Bangkok

The final day to complete the Thailand fishing holiday was at Bungsamran Lake in Bangkok. Here Jozsef and Tomas fished to their hearts content for giant Mekong catfish – a wonderful end to the fishing holiday.

Fishing Holidays Thailand Concluded

With three very different venues fished in three different provinces of Thailand, each venue produced the target species.

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