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Catch Report
10 Day Fishing in Thailand Holiday

24 January - 4 February 2008 (10 days)
Species Caught:
Anglers Names:
Ray Pryke
Guide Names:
Fishing in Bangkok at Bungsamlan Lake
Fishing Bangkok at Bungsamlan Lake
Fishing in Bangkok at Bungsamlan Lake
Ray Pryke fishing in Bangkok at Bungsamlan Lake for Mekong Giant Catfish
Barramundi fishing in Thailand
Barramundi fishing in Thailand
Barramundi fishing in Thailand at our private pool on the Boon Mar Ponds complex
Jungle perch or hampala barb fishing in Thailand at Khao Laem Dam Kanchanaburi
Snakehead fishing kanchanaburi Thailand
Snakehead fishing kanchanaburi Thailand
Dozens of strikes -plenty of fish - although small
Same size as the lure !
Mixing groundbait 'ram' for carp fishing in Thailand
Large balls of groundbait 'ram' ready to be fed into the carp fishing swim
Mixing the 'ram' groundbait with water & additives into large balls for baiting
Approaching our private carp fishing raft by boat
Fishing in Thailand 's Khao Laem Dam for Indian Carp\Rohu and Black carp\Black shark fish
View of our carp fishing Thailand  swim from the carp raft
Fish Thailand's carp fishing raft positioned over 1 weeks worth of pre-baiting
Carp fishing in Thailand at Khao Laem Dam in Kanchanaburi
Rohu or Indian Carp fishing in Thailand - the wildest carp fishing adventure
Black Carp fishing kanchanaburi in Thailand
Black shark carp - pla ga dam
27lb Indian carp or Rohu
Pla Ga Dam
World record size striped catfish 55lb
record breaking size - 55lb striped catfish
Best Indian Carp :
Best Black Carp:
Best Mekong Catfish:
Best Striped Catfish
Best Barramundi:
No: Jungle Perch:
No: Snakehead:
20 (Approx)

Ray's Fishing Holiday in Thailand

Ray came fishing with the Fish Thailand Team on a 9 day extreme fishing holiday in Thailand. Ray was guided through 7 species, 4 venues & 3 provinces in Thailand over the course of the fishing holiday. No introductions are necessary to the Bangkok fishing at Bungsamran for Mekong giant catfish. Here Ray began his holiday full of adrenaline and pain as he played fish after fish kicking off to a great start. Next was lure fishing in Thailand for barramundi in the Chacoengsao province where Ray landed barramundi to 16lb. Then to the jungle.....

Carp Fishing Thailand - Jungle Style

Imagine a vast and scenic dam surrounded by rolling hills and mountains deep in the jungle of Western Thailand. Then place in your thoughts 8 rods over an area pre-baited with 350Kg of bait over 5 days prior to fishing from our carp raft. This is truely a carp anglers dream fishing experience - any fish is the greatest reward from such a place - many fish are lifetime memories.

Ray caught Indian carp or otherwise known as rohu to 27lb and black carp to 8lb. Take another look at the pictures above......this is what fishing Thailand has to offer with the Fish Thailand Team.

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