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Catch Report
Latest Weekly Update

Target Species:
Bread crumb, ram, amino acids, met foams
Anglers Names:
Bren & Mark
Guide Names:
No. Fish Caught:
Average Size Fish :
25lb (12kg)
Biggest Fish:
38lb (17kg)


striped catfish - Thailand
Mark - 38lb (17kg) striped catfish

Fishing Bangkok - Shadow Lake

Bren & Mark came to Thailand to sample 2 days fishing in Bangkok at Shadow Lake with Fish Thailand. A morning pick up from their Bangkok hotel and an easy minivan drive to Shadow Lake - everything was looking good.

Bren who is a keen carp angler had brought along his rod-pod setup complete with bite alarms, swingers, 12ft rods, shimano baitrunners and the everything else that could fit into his ruck sack. Mark on the other hand was the non-fisherman, certainly more of a golf fan but still very competitive with his pal Bren.

Within the first couple of hours Bren had landed a lovely striped catfish breaking into the 20lb category. Feeling a little sorry for Mark, Bren let him hit the next run even though the screemer was coming from Bren's rods. This mistake I believe Bren still regrets to this day, for the result was in the form of a spectacualr 38lb striped catfish!!! Bren then went onto land another strippy - again in the 20's.


Early afternoon and the skies were looking black and bleak but nothing could have prepared any of us for what was about to take place. This was no storm - I have lived and fished all over Thailand for many many years and thought I had seen all forms of weather until now. The wind driven rain was so strong that lake, background, trees and sky was white washed; as if a blanket had been thrown over us. The wind was actually lifting the surface water off the lake and throwing it high up into the air. At the point of the rods and all equipment being lifted and hurled into a messy bundle I shouted to Sid - the driver - to lead Bren and Mark to the safety of the reception. Good job too as the decade old palm tree firmly set in the ground was about to plunge to earth; thankfully falling away from us all! The storm disappeared and the sun came out as if nothing had ever happened, a quick walk around the lake revealed some serious damage to buildings, toilets and some large trees. Fisherman we all are and so after untaggling the rigs and lines the fishing commenced!

The afternoon saw more fish and more runs from smaller fish in the 20's for Bren and Mark until our soaked clothes, bodies and equipment boarded the minivan for our return journey.

Tomorrow we target hard the various carp species at Shadow Lake.


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