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Catch Report
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Target Species:
Ram (groundbait) mix
Anglers Names:
Guide Names:
No. Fish Caught:
Average Weight:
Biggest Fish:
95lb (43 Kg)


Mekong giant catfish fishing Bangkok
Fishing Thailand
Per Ernholm - 95lb (43Kg) Mekong Giant Catfish

Per's Mission Complete!

By scrolling through the previous catch reports you will see Per from Sweden is featured 4 times over the past 2 years. This would be his last chance this year to try and beat his father-in-law's whopping Mekong giant catfish of 41kg. Sure enough shortly after lunch Per hooked into an obviously big fish - not a problem for Per as he has had much practice playing fish at Bungsamran Lake in Bangkok.

Meanwhile the second rod began singing to us so Alley struck the fish and proceeded to bully this nuisance fish in; only this nuisance fish was around 23Kg and was taking Alley time to beat.

Alley's fish was netted at the time as Per worryingly cried 'mine is ready too!' If there was a record for how quickly a fish can be unhooked and returned we would be world champions! The net was then quickly free to swoop over the head of Per's long awaited monster cat!

The very best aspect of being a fishing a guide is seeing the joy on clients faces as they catch the fish of their lifetime, we were all so happy for Per to catch the fish he had spent all year dreaming of. A little friendly added bonus was that this Mekong giant catfish tipped the scales at 43 kg (95lb) - 2kg heavier than Per's father-in-law's fish caught last year.

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