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Thailand Fishing Holiday Report
6 Days Fishing in Thailand Banks 12 Species

21st - 25th April 2009
Target Species:
Anglers Names:
Phil, Mike & Antony
Guide Names:
Alligator gar fishing Thailand
Arapaima Fishing in Thailand
barramundi fishing at IT Lake Monsters Thailand
Antony fishing in Thailand at IT Lake Monsters - alligator gar - arapaima - barramundi
Chao Phraya Catfish fishing in Thailand at IT Lake Monsters
Pacu fishing Thailand
redtail catfish fishing Thailand
Antony fishing at IT Lake Monsters - Chao Phraya catfish - pacu - redtail catfish
alligator gar fishing IT Lake Monsters Thailand
arapaima fishing IT Lake Monsters Thailand
pacu fishing IT Lake Monsters Thailand
Mike fishing IT Lake Monsters - alligator gar - arapaima - pacu - redtail catfish
redtail catfish IT Lake Monsters Thailand
Asian Redtail Catfish IT Lake Monsters Thailand
Pacu Fishing Thailand
Phil at IT Lake Monsters with Asian redtail catfish - pacu
spotted festherback fishing in Thailand
Redtail catfish fishing in Thailand
Tiger/redtail catfish IT Lake Monsters Thailand
Phil at IT Lake Monsters - spotted featherback - redtail catfish - tiger/redtail catfish
Mekong catfish fishing in Thailand at Bungsamran Bangkok
Giant Mekong Catfish Fishing Bangkok Thailand
Bungsamran Bangkok
Antony - Mike - Phil Mekong catfish fishing in Bangkok at Bungsamran
barramundi fishing at Boon Mar Ponds Thailand
Barramundi Fishing Thailand
Barramundi fishing in Thailand
Phil - Antony - Mike barramundi fishing in Thailand at Boon Mar Ponds
No. Fish:
Over 150 fish from 6 days fishing
No. species:
Biggest Fish:
Mike's 40kg (88lb) Mekong giant catfish

Thailand Fishing Holidays

Fish Thailand regular Phil Bell-Scott returned with his father and brother for whom was their first experience fishing in Thailand. Phil already enjoyed a days freshwater stingray fishing whereby he landed two fish to over 500lb in a day. The reason why his brother and father came later to Thailand was due to his brother Antony, taking part in China's Iron Man competition - an incredibly well conditioned young man; his father Mike went with him.

Predator Fishing Thailand at IT Lake Monsters

The first two days were spent predator fishing Thailand at IT Lake Monsters in Ratchaburi province of Thailand. Here Mike, Antony and Phil landed nine different species of Thai & Amazonian predatory fish - a wonderful time was spent with lots of fish action to bend the rods throughout the two days. Fly fishing in Thailand is something that Phil was particularly keen on and his fly fishing skills are close to professional, taking pacu and spotted featherback on the fly.

Boon Mar Ponds Fishing in Thailand

Here the trio of anglers took on the barramundi - Phil of course fly fishing for the barra while Antony and Mike used lure fishing techniques. Between the three anglers the barramundi didn't know what hit them! A huge haul of big barramundi around the 10lb-16lb mark were landed.

Fishing in Bangkok at Bungsamran Lake

The final two days were spent at Bungsamran in Bangkok, setup for Mekong giant catfish with a fishing bungalow each. Four Fish Thailand guides cared for the trio as they hauled in Mekong catfish one after the other for many hours. The best fish fell to Mike at 88lb (40Kg), Mike used to be a commercial cod fisherman but the twist is that he successfully made his living doing this with rod & line! His fishing skills were still close to his heart as he demonstrated on this Thailand fishing holiday.

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