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Catch Report
Latest Weekly Update

Target Species:
Fish Thailand bread mix - 'special' ingredients
Anglers Names:
Shawn, Dinho, Suresh, Sara 'Giant'
Guide Names:
No. Fish Caught:
Average Size Fish :
38lb (17kg)
Biggest Fish:
Catfish: 104lb (47kg) \ Carp: 86lb (39kg)
bungsamran - chao phraya catfish
Sara - 93lb Mekong catfish
Dinho - Chao Phraya catfish
Suresh - 104lb Mekong catfish
giant siamese carp
thailand carp
Dinho - 86lb giant Siamese carp
giant Siamese carp fishing Bangkok

Bungsamran Fishing Bangkok

Today the venue of choice was fishing Bangkok at Bungsamran Lake with Singapore based anglers Shawn, Dinho, Sara 'giant' & Suresh.

The Fish Thailand Team - Masters of Bungsamran

These 4 great anglers fishing in Bangkok, guided by The Fish Thailand Team at Bungsamran made history at the lake today with their incredible catch. Time and time again the Fish Thailand Team are guiding anglers into fish of their dreams and a day or holiday to remember for the rest of their lifetime. These catch reports are real, true and factual backed up with pictures that otherwise would not be believed!

Giant Siamese Carp Fishing in Bangkok at Bungsamran

The largest specie of carp in the world - the giant Siamese carp is not a fish fooled easily and even more of a challenge to land once hooked. Dinho played this fish with great skill, going easy at times and then applying maximun pressure at critical moments - you only ever get 1 shot when a carp of this size is hooked - unlike the Mekong catfish the same applies for netting the fish - if we miss or stab at it almost certainly the fish will bump off or cut the leader.

Weighing in at 86lb is not the largest giant Siamese carp caught at Bungsamran but holds the current Fish Thailand customer record. Certainly most anglers even who fish in Bangkok regulary at Bungsamran will not have caught such a tremendous fish.

Another Mekong Cat Breaks 100lb!

A freshwater fish breaking the 100lb mark in a 1 day session !! - Take a look at our previous catch reports and you will see this feat with reasonable regularity. Today followed the trend with Suresh landing an amazing giant Mekong catfish of 104lb, not to mention Sara's Mekong catfish of 93lb.

Usually we estimate the total number of fish caught in the day but today these anglers kept a score which finished the day on 49 fish. A competition was held and the victors of the following categories were as follows:

Biggest Fish: Mekong Giant Catfish - 104lb - Suresh. (Sara 2nd with 93lb)

Most Special Catch - 86lb - Giant Siamese Carp - Dinho

Most Individual Fish (any weight) - Shawn

Bangkok Fishing at Bungsamran

The most recent, hot off the press catch reports with Fish Thailand - numbers and weights backed up every time with pictures. Fishing Bangkok at Bungsamran guarantees you a great day with Fish Thailand on any day - but some days and months are better than others. Take a look at November - incredible and many anglers read the catch reports and booked immediately resulting in additional catch reports having to be written in accordance with their new captures of enormous fish and great days fishing. This month is no different with already countless huge fish being claimed by Fish Thailand clients - 2 of which over 100lb.


300 giant Mekong catfish between 150lb - 300lb have been introduced into Bungsamran. These fish are not on the feed yet as it is a new environment for them. It is expected that within the next few weeks these newly introduced giant fish will get their heads down.

This is the largest stocking of enormous fish to be introduced into Bungsamran but MAKE NO MISTAKE - at upto 300lb you will require a large team of highly experienced guides to stand any chance of landing this kind of specimen.

Fish Thailand has one of the best track records of landing the biggest fish even with the previous lower stocking level of giant fish - imagine the results from now on!?

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