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Catch Report
Jungle Snakehead Fishing Thailand - Khao Laem Dam


18th - 20th August '11 (3 day safari)

Target Species:
Anglers Names:
Steve Baldwin & Craig Smith
Guide Names:
snakehead fishing thailand
Steve Baldwin & one of his lure caught giant snakehead from Khao Laem Dam
fishing for snakehead in Kanchanaburi
Craig Smith (right) & guide Eddie Mounce (left) - 'fry-ball' mother snakehead
fishing in Khao Laem Dam Thailand
Pilot Craig also known as 'crash' - on jungle snakehead safari
snakehead fishing Thailand
Clearly Steve has not watched the River Monsters 'Killer Snakehead' episode yet!
fishing snakehead thailand
A new Fish Thailand record - smallest snakehead - one less fry in the ball!
snakehead fry ball thailand
A good example of how the snakehead fry develop stage by stage
snakehead fishing Khao Laem Dam
Perhaps the most rewarding style of fishing where there is no such thing as a 'lucky catch' - the angler must see the fish, cast accurately to it, retrieve correctly, strike correctly and play the fish to the boat
lure fishing in Thailand for snakehead from Fish Thailand's 16ft Avenger bass boat
Steve's final snakehead of the trip
No. Fish Total:
Biggest Fish:

Fish Thailand return client Steve Baldwin turned his hand to a jungle snakehead fishing safari this trip at Khao Laem Dam. This time inviting friend Craig Smith who also works with Steve as a pilot in Afghanistan - his nickname is 'crash!'

This trip was timed just right to meet with the spawning season of the giant snakehead. Their fry are an easy and large target to spot from the boat and guaranteeing the adult parent snakehead to be of a decent size.

Between Steve & Craig they took 4 good size snakehead by casting a combination of crank baits, frogs and buzz baits into the 'fry balls'. The entire time was spent in stalking fashion following Khao Laem Dam's 'fry-balls' to great success.

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