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Catch Report
Indian Carp Fishing Thailand - Khao Laem Dam

16th-20th Dec '09 (4 Days Fishing)
Target Species:
Anglers Names:
Tim & Benny Webb
Guide Names:
11.4 kg rohu from Khao Laem Dam
10.25kg rohu (Indian Carp) caught fishing in Thailand
25lb (11.4kg) Indian Carp (rohu)
22lb 08oz (10.25kg) Rohu
10.1kg rohu from khao laem dam kanchanaburi
Fishing for rohu in Thailand
22lb 02oz (10.1kg) Rohu
21lb 08oz (9.8kg) Rohu
Tim Webb and his wife Benny fishing in Thailand
Tim Webb Thailand
Tim Webb and his wife Benny guided by Fish Thailand to the wild fishing at Khao Laem Dam
No. Rohu (Indian Carp):
Best Rohu:
25lb (11.4kg)

Indian Carp Fishing in Thailand Safari

Fishing in Thailand extensively over the past few years, Tim has caught just about all the trophy fish from the famous commercial waters including IT Lake & Bungsamran. Tim and his wife Benny approached Fish Thailand for guidance into fishing for wild Indian Carp (rohu) out of Khao Laem Dam located in Kanchanaburi.

With four days of fishing the game plan was to fish two days in each pre-baited swim, offering the best chance of success; if tackled correctly Khao Laem Dam offers some of the country's best rohu fishing.

The first day cracked off to a great start with the first rohu of 22lb 02oz landed at 8:30a.m - just two hours into the session. Shortly afterwards at 9:15a.m the second fish of the day came weighing in at 22lb 08oz. The rest of the day was very quiet but already a great result.

The next sign of fish was two days later on day three in the second pre-baited swim on Khao Laem Dam. At 3p.m the silence was broken with another big rohu - the best fish of the trip at 25lb, Tim was confident that the last day would also produce more of these big Indian carp.

The last day jungle carp fishing in Thailand at Khao Laem produced the fourth and final big rohu of the four days weighing in at 21lb 08oz.

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