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Fishing Thailand Catch Report
The 'BIG 4' Carp - Catfish - Arapaima - Snakehead

16th - 20th November 08
Target Species:
Anglers Names:
David Roper
Guide Names:
Siamese Giant Carp Fishing Thailand
Fishing in Bangkok
ABOVE: A Brace of 66lb Siamese Giant Carp Caught 2 Hours Apart
Carp Fishing Thailand - 75lb Siamese Carp
175lb Mekong giant catifsh fishing in Thailand
LEFT: 75lb Siamese Carp RIGHT: 176lb Mekong giant Catfish
Arapaima fishing Thailand
Redtail Catfish Fishing Thailand
Fishing Thailand
Snakehead Fishing Thailand
Fishing IT Lake Monsters With Fish Thailand
Pacu fishing Thailand
No. Target Species:
Biggest Carp:
Biggest Mekong Catfish:
Biggest Snakehead:
Biggest Arapaima:

5 Day Thailand Fishing Holiday

Fish Thailand regular, David Roper, began his 5 day fishing holiday Thailand in style on day one with a brace of 66lb carp. On day two David landed one carp of 75lb and a cracking Mekong catfish at the end of the day at an estimated 176lb (80kg). Day three nothing to note was caught so for his last days fishing David went to IT Lake Monsters (Predator Lake) in Ratchaburi.

Here David landed an early arapaima of 77lb followed by a terrific giant snakehead of 22lb plus many other wonderful Amazon fish species.

'THE BIG 4' ....

75lb Carp \ 176lb Mekong catfish \ 22lb snakehead \ 77lb Arapaima

The trouble is now of course that for David's next trip in January, Fish Thailand need to produce him a carp over 100lb in two days fishing Bungsamran Lake - can it be done? Keep an eye out in January's catch reports to find out!

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