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Catch Report
Weekly Update

Date: 16/10/06
Venue: Bungsamran
Target Species:
Baits\Lures: Fish Thailand bread mix: - special ingredients
Anglers Names: Alan Battersby, Andrey Norton
Guide Names:
No. Fish Caught: 30+
Average Size Fish: 45lb
Biggest Fish: 91lb
Fight Over

Manchester - UK - based anglers hit off to a great start with prolific morning action from Mekong catfish averaging the 20kg (44lb) mark - also thrown in for good measure were some smaller striped catfish and to everyone's delight a Chao Phraya catfish early on.

Andy landed the first 'big' Mekong weighing in at 55lb (25kg) - pictured.

Shortly after lunch Alan hooked into a fish that did not let up until it had relieved the spool of 150 yards of line and surfaced dangerously close to the far bank walkway. Knowing that bringing a fish of this calibre back 150 yards past bungalows and snags would invite problems - the guides made the call to walk to the fish rod, net, forceps, scales & camera in arm!

From the other side of the lake Alan gallantly played this beast for another 30 minutes, at times fighting with himself to find the energy to continue. As the net was slipped over the head of this immense fish it was clear that Alan had just caught the biggest fish of his lifetime - and most other anglers lifetime for that matter.

The giant Mekong catfish tipped the scales at 91lb (41kg) - pictured.

The very last cast of the day produced a bonus fish - a beautifully conditioned pacu.

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