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Catch Report
Mekong Madness - 4 Fish for 555lb


16th & 19th April 2011

Target Species:
Anglers Names:
Sam Wakerley
Guide Names:
Fishing in Thailand
Sam tried lifting his first fish of the day by himself - 150lb
Fishing in Bangkok
Eddie tried to help Sam lift the Bungsamran giant catfish
Mekong giant catfish
Finally with Alley & Eddie helping Sam the fish was raised for a picture!
Fishing Bungsamran Lake Bangkok
Sam's second fish - 110lb
Mekong catfish fishing Bangkok
Sam's third Mekong catfish - 120lb
Catfish fishing in Bangkok
Sam's fourth & final fish was about to spool him at 200yds
Fishing Bungsamran Bangkok
Alley's quick thinking saved the day - tying a bottle to the almost out-of-line rod
Fishing Thailand techniques
Away she goes - rocket propelled fishing rod across the lake!
Giant Catfish Thailand
Finally Mekong number four - 175lb
No. Fish Total:
Biggest Fish :
110lb - 120lb - 150lb - 175lb

Sam Wakerley has appeared several times on Fish Thailand's catch reports, most recently with the capture of Thailand's biggest arapaima of over 400lb back in January.

Now with a couple of days again fishing in Bangkok at Bungsamran Lake, Sam continued his mission for a monster Siamese carp. Setting up two rods for Siamese carp from a fishing bungalow fingers were crossed for a good result - it was not going to be easy.

Indeed the Siamese carp proved tricky, several specimens were spotted crashing near to the baited area but an invasion of monstrous Mekong catfish was soon to clear away any chances of carp.

The first Mekong catfish took Sam literally around the houses which in-turn leads to Fish Thailand guides entering the water to persuade the fish to swim back out into the main body of the lake - half an hour in total saw Sam's personal best Mekong of 150lb netted. With Sam exhausted and sporting a bad wrist injury coupled with Fish Thailand's Alley & Eddie out of breath from the long chase in the water - it took all three to raise the fish for pictures.

Later that first day Sam hooked another giant Mekong catfish - this time with no problems at all landing the fish from where he had hooked it just 15 minutes later - much smaller at 110lb.

Moving on into the second and final days fishing Sam was still hoping for Siamese carp but the Mekongs' had other ideas. Just after lunch another good fish was hooked of 120lb - again Sam had no trouble landing this Mekong. Within an hour after releasing his third Mekong catfish over 100lb the biggest fish yet picked up Sam's bait and all hell was let loose!

Already two huge long runs out into open water were skillfully although exhaustingly stopped and turned by Sam, the fish was back within 20yds for the second time until the Mekong made it's third enormous run back out across the lake. The line was reaching 200yds out and heading for a bungalow on the other side of the lake. Alleys' quick thinking of tying a bottle to the rod using a plastic bag as rope saved the day. Once secured the rod was thrown into the lake and watched as this rod rocket went surfing across the lake. The fish of course had found the sanctuary of a bungalow which was lucky for Sam as all Wee had to do was dive in and find the line. The rod was then pulled across and the fight commenced. A full forty minutes in total and Sam had beaten his personal best again - at 175lb this was an incredible catch. Ironically Sam was not particularly fishing for Mekong catfish but landed four fish for 555lb! The hunt for giant Siamese carp continues.....

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