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Catch Report
Arapaima Fishing in Thailand

15 May 2008
IT Lake Monster - Ratchaburi
Target Species:
Mackerel, Tilapia
Anglers Names:
The Gary Sweetman
Guide Names:
Arapaima fishing Thailand
Gary Sweetman - 52Kg \ 115lb Arapaima
Alligator gar fishing Thailand
Pacu fishing Thailand
Gary Sweetman - Alligator Gar
Gary Sweetman - Pacu 8Kg \ 18lb
No: Fish Caught:
Biggest Fish:
Arapaima 115lb

After the stag doo fishing trip to Bungsamran Lake with his party of 4, Gary Sweetman booked another day with The Fish Thailand Team; this time at IT Lake Monster in Ratchaburi province of Thailand. The target species were vast and included red tail catfish, barramundi, peacock bass and many more. However the fish have wised up to angling pressure slightly and the morning was very slow indeed even on our dead and live bait selections. After the small alligator gar a couple of hours passed before many dropped runs occurred; so out came the UK predator rigs and techniques. A couple of big pacu fell to our changes as we leap frogged the 2 rods around the lake slowly.

6p.m and not a great day so far, we moved swim once more and changed rig yet again - this time a popped up live tilapia fished with a low resistance sliding run ring link leger. Bang - a fish took the bait and was allowed some time to turn the fish before a solid strike connected with an arapaima. The arapaima is the number 1 desired specie in the lake - everybody wants to catch one of these tremendous specimens.

Gary nervously fought with the fish mostly in the margins as it displayed it's size and strength to us all. Nets, cages and unhooking instruments at the ready - the fish was landed with no fuss - a fish of a lifetime for Gary and a relief for Fish Thailand! A Great Save!

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