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Catch Report
Latest Weekly Update

Target Species:
Fish Thailand bread mix - 'special' ingredients
Anglers Names:
Bungalow 1- Dave Cobb \ Bungalow 2 - Birds
Guide Names:
No. Fish Caught:
Average Size Fish :
44lb (20kg)
Biggest Fish:
53lb (24kg)
fishing Bungsamran
mekong giant catfish
world record catfish (striped)
Kevin Bird - Mekong catfish
Stacy Bird - Fishing Thailand
Stuart Bird - Striped Catfish

East Anglia's Leading Tackle Dealers Fishing in Thailand

Birds Tackle - based in Claydon, Ipswich - England is East Anglia's best stocked, leading tackle shop. Fish Thailand's Managing Director - Eddie Mounce was a regular at Birds Tackle since he started fishing at 10 years old. Today the Birds family were invited to fish with Fish Thailand at Bungsamran in Bangkok, and the day produced a real suprise........

World Record Striped Catfish

The IGFA world record catfish (striped catfish Pangasius hypophthalmus) currently stands at approximately around the 17kg mark. First cast and first fish for Stacy Bird produced a fight which had us all thinking it was a small Mekong giant catfish - the fight was much longer and tougher than any striped catfish - so we thought. The net swooped under the fish first attempt and to our amazement it was an enormous striped catfish. Knowing that this could be a potential record, Fish Thailand's Eddie Mounce carefully prepared the scales, tape measures, witnesses and cameras. The fish was confirmed to weigh in at 18.8kg - a fish which was caught within IGFA rules and so will be put forward to IGFA as a pending world record striped catfish. The scales will have to be certified and all details thoroughly checked by IGFA - if everything was carried out correctly then this will be the new striped catfish world record. Updates will be posted on this offical website.

Birds Tackle Day Out

The day was on an extreme high after the first fish being a new world record striped catfish, Kevin, Stacy & Stuart went on to knock out over 40 Mekong giant catfish between 30lb - 52lb in the next 8 hours. Absolutely exhausted and thrilled with the day, Birds Tackle Boys can safely say they will be back!

Dave - 1 Man Warrior

David Cobb also from England was fishing on an adjacent bungalow with Fish Thailand Guide - Alley - taking care of him. It is rare that 1 angler can fish Bungsamran and handle Mekong giant catfish single handed from morning to evening. However Dave made the most of this fabulous days fishing and battled through the day landing 22 Mekong giant catfish to 53lb - average 44lb.

Dave is a very experienced UK specimen carp angler and even he was shocked at the power of these Mekong giant catfish!

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