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Catch Report
Latest Weekly Update

Target Species:
Bread crumb, ram, amino acids, met foams
Anglers Names:
Guide Names:
No. Fish Caught:
Average Size Fish :
30lb (14kg)
Biggest Fish:
48lb (22kg)


Siamese carp
Indian Mrigal Carp - pla nuan tjan
23lb Siamese giant carp
12lb Indian mrigal carp
striped catfish - pla sawai
48lb (22kg) striped catfish

Giant Striped Catfish

It is likely that the above picture of Roger with his 48lb (22kg) striped catfish is to be one the largest you will ever see of this species. At Shadow Lake the striped catfish average a huge 35lb (16kg) but not so many break above 22kg - a fantastic result.

Siamese Giant Carp

Being an avid carp angler in the UK, Roger was very passionate about catching a different species of carp; it was decided that for the best chance of a carp regardless of size that Shadow Lake was the best choice. Late in the day Roger struck into a fish that was clearly not a catfish by the way the fish was fighting. Sure enough this beautiful example of a small Siamese carp at 23lb broke the surface. Actually it was the enormous cod-sized mouth that appeared first, showing our tiny in comparison hook holding loosely in its lips! Very carefully and precisely the carp was netted, adding to the excitement of the day.

Indian carp (rohu) & Mrigal

Our second target carp species was the Indian carp also known as rohu (Thai: Pla Yissox). This species is very very similar to the mrigal or also known as the Indian mrigal carp (Thai: Pla nuan tjan), the morphology is similar with the main differences being that the mrigal is more torpedo shaped and the smaller of the two species; both species are native to India, Pakistan & Bangladesh. Today Roger caught 2 Indian mrigal the biggest being 23lb - a wonderful venue to be able to catch different carp species in a day session.


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