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Catch Report
Latest Weekly Update

Target Species:
Shallow diving lures, poppers
Anglers Names:
Gregory, Tomoko, Khoo
Guide Names:
No. Fish Caught:
Average Size Fish :
7lb (3kg)
Biggest Fish:
18lb (8kg)
barramundi fishing thailand
barramundi fishing thailand
barramundi fishing thailand
Gregory - Fishing in Thailand
Tomoko - Fishing Thailand
Khoo - Thailand Fishing

Barramundi Fishing in Thailand

Malaysian anglers Gregory & Khoo work out of Singapore as air line piolots & Tomoko from Japan works as an air line hostess. The awsome trio came fishing in Thailand with the hope of catching a few fish and after talking with Fish Thailand it was clear that barramundi fishing in Thailand at our private barramundi fishing pond on the Boon Mar Ponds Complex 1 hour from Bangkok would suit these anglers desires.

Our private barramundi fishing pond is much the same in looks and size as the rest of the Boon Mar Complex with 2 differences. Firstly the barramundi in this pond meet very few lures making them anything but lure shy - these fish will strike at the lures all day long - great sport!!

Secondly these fish have a smaller average size than the other ponds on the Boon Mar Complex at around 5-8lb and with the other ponds a stones throw away - targeting the bigger barramundi around the 16lb mark is also an option.

Today approximately 60 fish were caught between these three anglers, along with one big barramundi caught by Fish Thailand's own - Alley - weighing in a 16lb.


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