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Catch Report
Predator & Carp Fishing Thailand Safari

12th-16th Feb '10 (4 Days Fishing)
Target Species:
Anglers Names:
Steve & Ian
Guide Names:
Alligator gar fishing in Thailand
Alligator Gar fishing at IT Lake Monsters Thailand
Steve (left) & Ian (right) with big alligator gars from IT Lake
redtail catfish from IT Lake Monsters Thailand
From Amazon to Thailand - the redtail catfish stocked into IT Lake Monsters Ratchaburi
Some huge Amazonian redtail catfish were caught at IT Lake Monsters
Redtail Catfish
Ian - Amazon redtail catfish fishing in Thailand
Ian with just a sample of the Amazon redtail catfishes he caught at IT Lake
Asian Redtail Catfish native to Thailand
Arapaima native to the Amazon now being caught to huge sizes in Thailand
A cracking Asian Redtail Catfish
The only arapaima fell to Ian's rod
barramundi fishing at IT Lake Monsters Thailand
Barramundi fishing in Thailand
Steve & Ian with a brace of big IT Lake barramundi
Pacu fishing in Thailand is very productive
When the action slows you can be assured the pacu will still bite
Redtail Tiger Catfish Hybrid
Chao Phraya Catfish native to Thailand
Redtail \ Tiger Hybrid
Chao Phraya Catfish
Giant Snakehead fish native to Thailand - great fishing
Sheatfish - a native fish to Thailand and an awsome predator
Giant Snakehead - a real treat for Steve
Great White Sheatfish
Tiger Catfish fishing in Thailand
Tiger Catfish from the Amazon
A brace of Tiger catfish - another Amazonian specie found at IT Lake Monsters
Barramundi fishing in Thailand at Boon Mar Ponds
barramundi fishing in Thailand
Fishing at Boon Mar Ponds for barramundi on lures produced some great sport
Jungle carp fishing in Thailand at Khao Laem Dam
Fishing Khao Laem Dam Thailand
Jungle carp fishing at Khao Laem Dam with a six rod setup on the carp raft
Black carp fishing in Thailand at Khao Laem Dam
Rohu (Indian Carp) fishing in Thailand
Steve's best black carp - 12lb
Ian's rohu (Indian carp) weighing 18lb
Black carp fishing in Thailand
Guided jungle carp fishing in Thailand safari
Ian's best black carp 8lb
On route to the carp fishing raft by boat
Sunset at Khao Laem Dam Thailand
Fish Thailand's carp fishing raft in the jungle
Sunset at Khao Laem Dam - the carp angler's dream venue
No. Species:
Best Rohu:
Best Black Carp:
Best Snakehead:
Best Redtail:

Predator & Carp Fishing Thailand Safari

Thailand resident and regular angler to Bungsamran - Steve, invited his friend Ian to join him on a Thailand fishing holiday with The Fish Thailand Team.

The first day's fishing was at the famous predator fishing lake called IT Lake Monsters, offering the most prolific and diverse predator fishing in Thailand. With any Amazon & Thai mixed predator fishing lake the sport can vary considerably. Today however the sport was extreme fishing from the minute the baits were dropped into the margins of this exotic lake. At no point in the first hour of fishing were all of the four livebait rods all fishing as the action was just too fast. Steve's very first fish was a cracking 15lb giant snakehead followed shortly by a good size arapaima for Ian estimated at 60lb. From this point the Amazon redtail catfish got their head's down and gave non-stop action throughout the morning. With a short two hour slack period around early afternoon it was calculated that ten different fish species had been caught. Several times have anglers caught ten different amazon & Thai fish species with Fish Thailand but as of yet never more. Towards the end of the day with plenty more repeat species already landed, Steve caught the first redtail/tiger catfish hybrid totaling eleven fish species in a day's fishing.

Day two found Steve & Ian casting lures on light tackle for the barramundi at the well known Boon Mar Ponds. Fishing in Thailand for barramundi has become increasingly popular over the years as Steve & Ian found out why. Superb sport and even more exhilarating fights had Steve & Ian locked into a competition with Steve leading for most of the day; however Ian caught up with a succession of big barramundi to level the score at a draw. Barramundi to 24lb were caught making for a great light hearted day before they entered into the jungle on their carp fishing safari.

The first day of any jungle carp fishing safari is spent traveling the long way to Khao Laem Dam, echo-sounding the pre-baited swim and tackling up. The next two days were for fishing and taking a look at the above pictures anyone will agree that there are not many carp heavens like this. Indian carp fishing in Thailand typically is at it's best from September through to December, however Steve & Ian were keen on just being in such a beautiful fishing environment so accepted that the fishing may not be so easy. As it happens the fishing was terrific for the given time of year with Indian carp (rohu) to 18lb being landed and huge black carp to 12lb, regretfully there were a couple of snagged fish that got away but it's not often there are not!

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