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IT Lake Monsters Catch Report
Fishing in Thailand For Toothy Critters

12th & 13th January 2009
Target Species:
Anglers Names:
Stretton 'Tee Rak'
Guide Names:
Arapaima fishing Thailand
Arapaima fishing Thailand
88lb 'Harry' The Arapaima
Another 77lb 'Harry' Arapaima
Redtail catfish fishing Thailand
Alligator gar fishing in Thailand
Cracking Amazon Redtail Catfish
'Ali' The Alligator Gar
Asian redtail catfish
Pacu fishing at IT Lake  Monsters
Asian Redtail Catfish 'Pla Kot Kang'
Pacu fishing in Thailand
African walking catfish fishing Thailand
Fishing in Thailand
A rarely caught African Walking Catfish
A Tiger/Redtail catfish hybrid
Eddy Mounce with a redtail catfish fishing in Thailand
Barramundi fishing at IT Lake Monsters Thailand
Eddy Mounce with a beautiful redtail catfish landed while Stretton was playing in 'Harry' the arapaima!
The final treat - a barramundi
Siamese giant carp fishing Thailand
The next day fishing at Bungsamran produced this cracking 60Kg+ Siamese carp!!
No. Target Species:
Biggest Carp:
Biggest Arapaima:

IT Lake Monsters - Fishing Thailand

Stretton has fished with Fish Thailand many times in the past at Bungsamran in Bangkok. This unexpected last minute fishing holiday to Thailand found Stretton fishing at IT Lake Monsters in Ratchaburi with The Fish Thailand Team for two days.

Predator Fishing Thailand Day 1

After releasing a fish Stretton immediately hit a run on the second rod early in the morning. The powerful but short run followed by violent head banging meant only one thing - arapaima! Our suspicions were proven correct as the fish surfaced like a submarine 50 yards out, showing it's dragon-like red scales in all their glory. On light tackle the fish took about 30 minutes to tame before netted and straight after recovering in the fish pen the 88lb fish was photographed. Later on in the day Golf went stalking while the fish were off the feed and hooked Stretton into another arapaima - known to Stretton (and now many others!) as 'Harry' the arpapaima; not just this particular fish but all arapaimas are apparently named 'Harry!' This one weighed 77lb and the day was going great. A total of 17 fish were landed on day 1 - a great day on an increasingly hard venue when many would have struggled.

Predator Fishing Thailand Day 2

14 fish landed today making a total of 8 species including 'Ali' the alligator gar; again not just this particular fish but all Alligator gars according to Stretton who likes to refer to people (including men) as 'Tee Rak!' - which means 'darling' in Thai language.

It was great fun and laughter for The Fish Thailand Team to fish with Stretton - a man with a great sense of humour!

A Rather Small Carp (According to Tee Rak)

Stretton topped off this fabulous fishing holiday in Thailand with a day at Bungsamran where he caught a whopping Siamese carp estimated at 60Kg (132lb). This was followed by a smaller version later in the day.

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