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Catch Report
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Target Species:
Swim shads, surface poppers, surface frogs, plugs
Anglers Names:
Kevin, Peter & Ian
Guide Names:
No. Fish Caught:
Average Size Fish :
4.4lb (2kg)
Biggest Fish:
7lb (3.18kg)
barramundi fishing thailand
boon mar ponds thailand
barramundi fishing in thailand
Kevin - Boon Mar Ponds
Ian - Thailand barramundi
Peter - Fishing in Thailand

Barramundi Fishing in Thailand

Today the Fish Thailand Team guided a team of 'true Ozzys' barramundi fishing in Thailand. Ian, Peter & Kevin do a lot of fishing in the wilderness of North Australia for barramundi. The request for this trip was to have a fun day casting lures at feeding fish regardless of size.

Boon Mar Pond's 'Special Pond'

The main Boon Mar Ponds site is open to many anglers and the fishing is much harder, the Fish Thailand Team have a special pond set aside by the owner whereby the fishing is limited to only a few people due to it's high charges per day. This is the pond we opted for and the barramundi went crazy!

Surface Popping Action!!

Surface poppers are such great fun, the most thrilling and exciting way to catch barramundi. The strikes are visual and fast, followed by a scrappy fight - it's seriously addictive. Ian, Kevin & Pete lost count how many fish they caught exactly - but at approximately 20 fish each the total for their 4 hours fishing must be around 60 fish.

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