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Catch Report
Day Trip Fishing in Bangkok Produces 150lb Catfish


10th September 2011

Target Species:
Anglers Names:
Bruce, Rob, Andy, Lisa, Bruce, Moira
Guide Names:
150lb Mekong catfish caught fishing in Bangkok with Fish Thailand
150lb Mekong Catfish - hooked by Lisa and helped landed by 5 more anglers
Party fishing Bangkok day trips
Rob - loves his fish - literally
Bangkok day trips fishing
Bruce also enjoyed the odd cuddle with a Mekong
Fishing in Thailand at Bungsamran Lake Bangkok
Lisa & Wee with one of her many catches during the days fishing
striped catfish caught fishing in Bangkok
Bruce landed both Mekong catfish and this striped catfish
Fishing in Bangkok
Moira with her prize Mekong catfish of the day's fishing in Bangkok
Fish Thailand Team guiding fishing in Bangkok
Andy - big strong Scottish lad - won't touch the fish - (too slimy)
No. Fish Total:
Biggest Fish:

Return client Bruce Cowe was joined today by five others on a party weekend in Bangkok - go-karting was their other activity besides drinking and the fishing here today at Bungsamran Lake in Bangkok.

Spirits were high and a really good, fun atmosphere generated by the bubbly bunch of Scotts as a healthy competition kicked off between the guys and gals.

As Lisa hooked into the 'train' of the lake it was clear nobody could catch up with that fish as it ploughed across Bungsamran Lake. The fight however was too powerful and after a gallant battle Lisa handed the rod to one of the guys, who shortly handed it to the next in line and so on until 5 people and half an hour had passed to see the fish finally in the net.

At approximately 150lb this was a specimen many anglers fish their entire lives hoping to catch - a great end to a fabulous days fishing.

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