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Catch Report
Lure, Fly & Bait Fishing Thailand


10th, 11th & 12th January 2011

Target Species:
Anglers Names:
Guide Names:
Snakehead fishing Pilot 111 Thailand
Fishing Pilot 111 Fishing Ponds Thailand
10th Jan - Pilot 111 Fishing Ponds - Lure fishing for Snakehead
Bungsamran fishing Bangkok
Fishing in Bangkok Thailand
11th Jan - Bungsamran Lake - Bait fishing for Mekong catfish
Fly fishing in Thailand at Boon Mar Ponds
Fly fishing in Thailand
fly fishing Thailand for barramundi
12th Jan - Boon Mar Ponds - Fly fishing for barramundi
No. Fish Total:
Biggest Fish:
66lb Mekong catfish

Fish Thailand regular Baron from England enjoyed some more fishing in Thailand shortly after the New Year. Having caught huge Siamese carp, Mekong catfish, arapaima, redtail catfish and many more heavy weight specimens on previous trips; Baron opted for a more relaxed and slightly different approach to his fishing this year.

Fishing Pilot 111 Fishing Ponds

A relatively new venue for Fish Thailand and one that Baron had not yet fished, the target was primarily giant snakehead. This lure only water proved a little testing with Baron having to work hard for strikes. Changing lure regularly and varying retrieves and location resulted in Baron landing some well earned giant snakehead. The pacu pool at Pilot 111 offered some amusing fly fishing, getting the most fun out of the small pacu that can be had.

Fishing Bungsamran Lake

A venue Baron has battled with huge specimens in the past, Bungsamran is still great fun for a day's Mekong catfish fishing in Bangkok. Opting to fish 'for bites' on float fished 'method' Baron enjoyed action from plenty of hard fighting fit Mekong's. Several fish broke the 60lb mark, the heaviest weighing 66lb.

Fly Fishing Boon Mar Ponds

Recently Baron had taken up fly fishing and with a couple of lessons under his belt already looked forward to catching barramundi on the fly. A specie which is certainly no stranger to Baron having caught them to 22lb on the lure in previous trips, this time however the barramundi were to offer him a totally new experience. Averaging 10lb and the biggest weighing 15lb, all fly caught gave truly brilliant sport.

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