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Catch Report
Thailand Fishing Holiday


8th-18th November '10 (10 days)

Target Species:
Anglers Names:
Steve & Danny
Guide Names:
Tiger Catfish IT Lake Monsters
Fishing Thailand
IT Lake Monsters - Tiger Catfish
IT Lake Monsters - Tiger/Redtail Hybrid
Giant Snakehead Thailand
Snakehead Fishing in Thailand
IT Lake Monsters - Danny (left) & Steve (right) - Giant Snakehead
Redtail Catfish fishing Thailand
Redtail fishing Thailand
IT Lake Monsters - Danny (left) & Steve (right) - Redtail Catfish
Pacu Fishing Thailand
Alligator Gar Fishing
IT Lake Monsters - Pacu
IT Lake Monsters - Alligator Gar
Asian Redtail Catfish IT Lake Monsters
Rohu fishing in thailand
Steve (left) - Asian Redtail Catfish & Danny (right) - rohu
barramundi thailand fishing
Barramundi fishing Thailand
Boon Mar Ponds - Barramundi
Arapaima Fishing Hua Hin Greenfield Valley Thailand
Fishing Palm Tree Lagoon Thailand
Steve at Greenfield - Arapaima 300lb
Danny at Palm Tree - 80lb Carp
Mekong fishing thailand
Mekong giant catfish fishing Bangkok
Bungsamran Lake - Mekong Giant Catfish
Siamese carp fishing Bangkok
Fishing Holidays Thailand
Danny with a Bungsamran Siamese carp - and the new 'Nash' stalker hats
No. Fish Total:
Biggest Fish:
300lb Arapaima

UK match anglers Steve & Danny, hung up their pole elastic for a two week Thailand fishing holiday. Covering a wide variety of Thailand fishing lakes they were subjected to a superb diversity of Amazon & Thai fish species.

Kicking off the holiday fishing in Bangkok at Bungsamran had the pair battling with the mighty Mekong catfish. With not much rest time, the following day was a contrast in fishing styles as they both lure fished for barramundi at Boon Mar Ponds.

The third venue on the hit list was IT Lake Monsters whereby Steve & Danny were introduced to no less than seven different species of predatory fish species.

A couple more days were held back in Bangkok at Bungsamran but this time the game plan was to change tactics, avoiding the 'smaller' 40lb catfish in attempt to get through to the carp and larger Mekongs. Steve & Danny both landed a Siamese carp each and a couple of better Mekong's in the two day waiting game.

Over the next few days Steve & Danny targeted bigger and bigger fish while fishing in Hua Hin at Greenfield Valley & Palm Tree Lagoon. Steve's holiday was completed with a 300lb arapaima from Greenfield Valley and Danny's memorable catch was an 80lb Siamese carp from Palm Tree Lagoon.

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