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Catch Report
Jungle Carp Fishing in Thailand - Khao Laem Dam


8th & 9th October 2011

Target Species:
Anglers Names:
Richard Bray
jungle carp fishing thailand
Richard Bray Jungle fishing in Thailand - Rohu (Indian carp) 16lb
rohu fishing in thailand
Rohu fishing Khao Laem Dam - wilderness carp fishing in Thailand
Khao Laem Dam Thailan
thailand carp fishing techniques
thailand fishing techniques
Casting the 2lb baited feeder into the pre-baited target zone
Indian  carp fishing thailand
Richard and another cracking rohu
black shark carp fishing in thailand
Richard's best black carp out of the 15 he caught
Fish Thailand bass fishing boat khao laem dam
Fish Thailand's bass boat - a comfortable & fast way to get around Khao Laem Dam
rohu fishing in Thailand
Richard's best of the 5 rohu he landed - weighing in at 17lb (8kg)
fishing khao laem dam thailandfishing khao laem dam thailand
Taking no prisoners on Khao Laem Dam with 6 rods sponsored by Penn
tilapia fishing khao laem dam thailand
A welcome suprise fish - 6lb Tilapia
jungle indian carp fishing thailand
No. Fish Total:
No. Rohu :
No. Black Carp:
Biggest Fish:

Every year it is known roughly when the rohu (Indian carp) season will begin, usually around the beginning of October. However the start of the season and with it the heaviest feeding frenzies of the rohu are dependant not on the date but on the height of the water. The dam must be full and the water stopped rising for the very best of the fishing which is extremely hard to know the exact week months in advance. Luckily for Richard who is based in Singapore he can come over on short notice, so the weekend of the 8th October was penciled in to begin with some months prior. A combination of good prediction and luck meant the date was spot-on, the water levels were full and the water just about stopped rising.

Full of confidence especially fishing over 250kg / 10 day pre-baited swim, Richard took in the surroundings and peaceful wilderness upon arrival. Although a carp fishing trip, the first afternoon gave a great opportunity to take Richard out on the 'Fish Thailand Explorer' for a brief introduction to lure fishing for snakehead. Being such a fast boat means the entire 65km length of Khao Laem Dam is accessible in it's entirety even in short fishing sessions; some anglers have specific 'special' spots on the dam - we have the entire dam!

The morning of the first days jungle carp fishing Thailand as predicted had all six Penn rods bending over at one point or another as Richard joyfully played a combination of black carp and Indian carp to 17lb - all of which had never seen a hook before.

Typically day two produces 50% of day one in any given swim - in this case slightly less but still resulting in a total of 5 Indian carp and 15 black carp in the two days fishing on Khao Laem Dam.

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