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Catch Report
Specimen Hunt Fishing Safari Thailand

8th & 9th February 2010
Target Species:
Anglers Names:
Jim & Liz
Guide Names:
arapaima fishing in Bangkok
Mekong catfish fishing in Bangkok
Arapaima 200lb - 250lb
Mekong Catfish 101lb
Asian Redtail fishing in Thailand
barramundi fishing IT Lake Monsters in Thailand
Asian Redtail Catfish
Fishing at IT Lake Monsters Thailand
Chao Phraya Catfish fishing in Thailand
Redtail/Tiger Hybrid & Alligator Gar
Chao Phraya Catfish
Alligator Gar fishing at IT Lake Thailand
Pacu fishing IT Lake Monsters
Alligator Gar
Amazonian Redtail Fishing Thailand
Redtail catfish at IT Lake Monsters
Amazon Redtail Catfish
Amazon Redtail Catfish
Giant Snakehead predator fishing in Thailand
tiger catfish fishing at IT Lake Monsters
Giant Snakehead
Tiger Catfish
Fishing in Thailand at IT Lake Monsters
Redtail catfish fishing in Thailand
Tiger Catfish
No: Species Caught:
Best Fish:
200lb - 250lb Arapaima

Fishing in Thailand at Bungsamran & IT Lake Monsters

Jim is the perfect example of an obsessed fisherman, his enthusiasm and excitement for fishing is second to none. While on holiday with his girlfriend Liz, he began by booking two days fishing at Bungsamran and one day fishing at IT Lake Monsters. The first day was spectacular at IT Lake Monsters with a good diversity of Amazon & Thai fish species, but unfortunately no arapaima were caught.

Jim's next two days fishing were at Bungsamran where he caught Mekong catfish to over 100lb, and at this point Jim was itching to catch an arapaima. The next week sure enough Jim came back for some arapaima fishing after landing a huge alligator gar over 40lb he hooked into a big arapaima which after a 15 minute fight was controlled and landed.

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