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Catch Report
IT Lake Predator Fishing in Thailand

7th May 2010
Target Species:
Anglers Names:
Simon Edkins
Guide Names:
Chao Phraya catfish
Amazon redtail catfish
Chao Phraya Catfish
Amazon Redtail Catfish
Arapaima fishing in Thailand
Alligator Gar fishing in Thailand
Alligator Gar
Asian redtail catfish native to Thailand
pacu fishing in Thailand
Asian Redtail Catfish
Chao Phraya catfish from Bungsamran Lake in Bangkok Thailand
The next day Simon fished at Bungsamran & Caught this 65lb Chao Phraya Catfish
No. Fish Caught:
Memorable Fish:
Arapaima caught stalking

Stalking Style at IT Lake Monsters

Simon's first visit to IT Lake Monsters and his target fish was an arapaima, infact arapaima it seems is at the top of most anglers 'wish list.' Arriving early to the lake there were no other anglers in sight, after a stroll around the lake two arapaima were seen in a very shallow bay, one was around the 130lb mark and the other around the 30lb mark. Simon rigged up with a single hook to cast his freelined mackerel onto the rolling fish. The first couple of flicks produced nothing although he knew the fish were both still around the area. Keeping away from the sky line and moving quietly, Simon placed the bait back in the spot where the arapaima had been spotted. A twenty minute wait paid off as a very timid bite registered as Simon gave it room to run before striking. Straight away the arapaima leapt showing everyone it was not the bigger fish of the pair, instead a wonderfully conditioned 30lb-35lb fish came into the net after an exciting struggle. Simon was of course chuffed to bits to catch an arapaima, the bigger fish was not seen again that day.

The remainder of the day produced a total of 16 fish of 6 different species. The next day Simon fished at Bungsamran Lake in Bangkok whereby he caught a cracking Chao Phraya catfish of 65lb on pop-ups of all baits; being a predatory fish it is very rare to catch them on baits like pop-ups while carp fishing.

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