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Catch Report
88 Year Old Lady Shows Mekong Catfish Who's Boss


6th March 2011

Target Species:
Anglers Names:
Rich Lindie, Hayley Wood, Elaine Miller
Guide Names:
Elaine Miller - 88 years old - playing Mekong catfish in Thailand
Elaine Miller - 88 years old - battling with Mekong catfish at Bungsamran Lake
Elaine Miller fishing in Thailand
A first for Fish Thailand - 88 year old Elaine shows us how it's done!
Elaine Miller - 88 years old - catches a 22kg Mekong catfish in Bangkok
The prize catch for Elaine - 25kg (55lb) Mekong giant catfish
Fishing in Bangkok at Bungsamran Lake
Hayley wood enjoying the sport Mekong catfish at Bungsamran Lake
Mekong catfish fishing in Bangkok
Hayley, Rich & Elaine with another lake monster
Rich Linie plays a might Mekong catfish in Thailand
Rich battled throughout the day with Bungsamran's Mekong catfish
Fishing at Bungsamran Lake Bangkok - Mekong catfish
66lb of muscle and the angler feels every ounce of that during the fight
No. Fish Total:
Biggest Fish :
30kg (66lb)

In all the years Fish Thailand has been guiding, never before has an 88 year old lady played not just one but two Mekong giant catfish at Bungsamran Lake in Bangkok. Young strong men struggle with these beasts, some even giving up or handing the rod away but not Elaine Miller; she insists on landing her own fish.

Grandson Rich and girlfriend Hayley enjoyed the days fishing in Bangkok as a birthday present for Rich - they landed over 25 Mekong catfish between them from 40lb - 66lb.

Elaine Miller is an inspiration to the young and the old alike - incredibly strong willed and fit as a fiddle; truly remarkable.

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