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Catch & Joke Report
Fish Thailand's Funniest Fishing Holiday To Date!

6th - 11th (6 days fishing) January 2009
Target Species:
Anglers Names:
Baron 'The Joker'
Guide Names:
Alley & His Xmas Gifts !
Alley, Dong & Gloria
Alley asked Santa for sunglasses & an English girlfirend for Xmas! Be careful what you wish for!
Alley, Dong & Gloria
Baron and his 58lb Siamese Carp caught fishing in Bangkok
Carp Fishing Thailand
The joker - Baron, with his PB carp of 58lb
And a smaller carp 10 minutes later!
Only a fish will get 3 Totally Straight Men down to their underpants!
Arapaima Attack
Only a fish could get 3 straight men down to their underwear!
More jokes! Buffalo blood & rather great acting to make it look like an arapaima attack!
132lb Arapaima fishing in Thailand
132lb Arapaima fishing in Thailand
There really was a fish! - all 132lb of arapaima
And a 'small' one of 88lb
Arowana fishing Thailand
Asian Redtail Catfish fishing IT Lake Monsters Ratchaburi
A rare catch - a big arowana
This is an Asian redtail catfish
Tiger cross Redtail catfish fishing in Thailand
Pacu fishing in Thailand
A redtail/tiger catfish hybrid
A lovely pacu
Redtail Catfish Fishing in Thailand
Last cast and the first Amazon redtail catfish of the day
No. Target Species:
Biggest Carp:
Biggest Arapaima:

Baron & His Xmas Presents

Firstly it should be explained in full about the bizzar pictures of Fish Thailand Ace 'Alley' wearing crazy glasses cuddling a blow up doll. Last time Baron was fishing in Thailand at Bungsamran Alley made it quite clear that for xmas he would like a pair of Oakley glasses and an English girlfriend. Baron had clearly thought long and hard about this request from Alley and returning this time to Thailand he was armed with Alley's presents; only not exactly what Alley had in mind! The 2009 sparkling American flag sunglasses and blow up doll were the talk of the town, or at least the talk of Bungsamran Lake. From somewhere the name 'Gloria' was given to the doll as she became more and more famous around the lake. Could this joker be pranked back?

The Fishing??

On a more fishing related topic Baron caught a brace of splendid Siamese carp at Bungsamran Lake in one morning just five minutes between each fish, the biggest weighing in at 58lb. Another days fishing was spent at Boon Mar Ponds fishing for barramundi on the lure - a cracking day's fishing with plenty of fish and even more fun.

IT Lake Monsters Fishing Thailand

This one day trip to IT Lake Monsters was certainly the most memorable for Baron - especially the morning session. Baron struck into a cracking arapaima which tested the tackle and his angling skills, after a wonderful battle the fish was netted and know to the lake staff to be 60Kg (132lb). It was now time to get our own back on Baron as he was photographed with the giant fish in nothing but his underwear - pictured above at Baron's horror! Fishing is a funny sport - only a fish could get three straight men down to their underwear!

Later in the day a smaller arapaima of 88lb was landed but this time Baron kept his shorts on. The day ended with 10 fish of which 6 different species.


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