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Khao Laem Dam Catch Report
Jungle Carp Fishing in Thailand


5th & 6th November 2011

Target Species:
Anglers Names:
Bill & Julian
Guide Names:
jungle fishing thailand
Khao Laem Dam - Simply Majestic
rohu / Indian carp thailand
Bill with his best rohu 18lb 08oz
Rohu fishing with The Fish Thailand Team Thailand
FT's Eddie Mounce carefully releasing the tired rohu
back shark minnow Thailand
A delighted Julian with his best black carp
Fishing Thailand Khao Laem Dam
Sunset over Khao Laem Dam
Indian carp fishing in Thailand
10lb rohu / Indian carp still fight like trains at Khao Laem Dam
Black carp fishing Khao Laem Dam
Bill and one of his several black carp
tilapia fishing in Thailand
A bonus brace of Tilapia for Julian and Bill
Khao Laem Dam Thailand
Stunning Scenery making for the most tranquil carp fishing swims
jungle fishing in Thailand
Julian with another Indian carp / rohu
Fishing Thailand
Black carp are plentiful in Khao Laem Dam
Black Shark Minnow fishing Khao Laem Dam Thailand
No. Fish Total:
Indian Carp/Rohu:
18lb 08oz biggest (3 in total)
Black Carp:
7lb biggest (8 in total)

Bill, a regular visitor to fishing in Thailand this time accompanied by his friend Julian set off for an adventure fishing Khao Laem Dam.

With over 300kg of pre-baiting spread over 10 days prior to the fishing, the chances of successful fishing were indeed high.

To begin with on the first day of fishing bites were plentiful, although being mostly from small fish, a good few black carp also fell to the baited trap. Later in the morning a decent Indian carp hit rod number six - the last in the row of six Penn fishing rods. With no prior indication before the rod bent over double and line being stripped off the spool; a sure sign of a good rohu. Frustratingly the carp found the snags too quickly which led to launching the boat over the top of the snagged fish to see if it could be released. In this case the fish had shed the rig and left it behind in Khao Laem's underwater jungle.

Luckily a few hours later into day one, two more chances at Indian carp were brought to Julian and Bill, of which each successfully landed stunning carp of around 10lb each; a result already.

Day two typically catches less than 50% of day one on the same baited area, however the chances of bigger carp are greater as there is less competition from smaller black carp and other species. This theory was indeed proven true as Bill gallantly played and landed the best carp of the trip weighing in at 18lb 08oz - a true warrior of a specimen and returned carefully to avoid fisherman's hooks for the next season at least!

All in all Bill & Julian landed three Indian carp, eight black carp & four Nile tilapia over two full days fishing in Thailand at Khao Laem Dam.

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