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Catch Report
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Target Species:
Fish Thailand bread mix - 'special' ingredients
Anglers Names:
John Davies, Tony Davies
Guide Names:
No. Fish Caught:
Average Size Fish :
91lb (41.36kg)
Biggest Fish:
95lb (43kg)
fishing Thailand
fishing Thailand
John Davies - 87lb
John Davies - 95lb

Today UK based father & son anglers Tony & John Davies fished their second day out of a four day fishing holiday at Bungsamran Lake in Bangkok, with Fish Thailand - Asia's leading team of expert guides. Setting up 2 rods for giant Siamese carp & 1 rod for giant Mekong catfish - Fish Thailand guides had pretty much covered the options extensively.

Two hours into today's session a screaming run connected John with a large Mekong catfish - after 15 minutes of fight John was losing more stamina than the fish and it beat him into submission as the fish entered the snaggy layer of a fishing bungalow 100 yards futher up the lake. Our guides lowered themselves into the water and followed the line down to where the fish was snagged, eventually freeing the fish as the fight between Johh and the beast continued. A further 10 minutes saw the net swoop over the fish's head which weighed in at 87lb (39kg).

Only 1 more hour had passed before the carp outfit was singing to us, this time Tony bent into the fish as it tore 50 yards of 30lb line from his reel, a few minutes later it surfaced showing itself to be a giant Mekong catfish - not the intended quarry but this one was even bigger than the last so nobody was complaining! Tony took it in turns with John to tame this fish and it was not long before a cracking 95lb Mekong catfish was in the net. For this picture Alley - Fish Thailand guide entered the water with John for the second time in 1 morning! Tony decided he was happy just knowing he also caught this fish!

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