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Catch Report
Giant Catfish & Carp Fishing Bangkok - Thailand


2nd & 3rd July 2008 (2 days fishing)

Target Species:
Anglers Names:
Nigel Wood
Guide Names:
PICTURES - 2 Days Fishing with The Fish Thailand Team!
110lb Mekong giant catfish
Siamese giant carp fishing Bangkok
110lb Mekong giant catfish
66lb - Siamese giant carp
Mekong giant catfish fishing Thailand
Family fishing Thailand
88lb Mekong giant catfish
93lb Mekong giant catfish
Nigel Wood - Siamese giant carp
86lb Mekong giant catfish fishing in Bangkok at Bungsamran Lake
Nigel - Siamese giant carp
86lb Mekong giant catfish
Mekong Catfish Caught:
86lb, 88lb, 93lb, 110lb
Siamese Carp Caught:
35lb, 66lb

Mission - To Target BIG Fish

Nigel Wood from England had been fishing in Thailand prior to this trip, enjoying sport from 'smaller' Mekong catfish in the north of Thailand. His quest for the biggest catfish and carp found him fishing in Bangkok at Bungsamran Lake with The Fish Thailand Team.

The Game Plan

In order to target the bigger catfish and carp at Bungsamran Lake Nigel took the best option of upgrading to a larger luxury fishing bungalow and fishing a total of 3 rods. All rods were setup on legered 'method' feeder with PLENTY of bait in the form of 'ram' groundbait - a superb swim filler. This game plan discourages the smaller fish of around 30lb - 50lb and increases the chances of picking out the bigger Mekong catfish and any carp in the swim.

Day 1 - Catfish 86lb & 93lb \ Carp 66lb

The strategy of targeting the bigger fish paid off with superb results as Nigel played 2 huge Mekong catfish and 1 immaculate Siamese carp during day 1. Nigel was very relaxed (along with the guides!) as day 2 approached.

Day 2 - Catfish 88lb & 110lb \ Carp 35lb

deja vu! Today was a copy of day 1 with 2 monster Mekong catfish and 1 carp. The best Mekong catfish of the the days fell this afternoon, but not without a true test of angling skill and endurance. At one point of the battle this beast made it to the sanctuary of the wooded walk-way running around the edge of the lake. Fish Thailand's pro-guide 'Alley' had no choice but to get into the lake with the snagged fish. Ten minutes passed before the fish was back on and out of the snags for Nigel to continue the battle, which he executed perfectly. The fish was soon in the net and water-photos were taken - pictured above (110lb).

Nigel's Personal Testimony - click here to read Nigel's personal account of his fishing experience with The Fish Thailand Team.

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