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01 October 2007
Shadow Lake - Phatum Thani
Target Species:
Ram (groundbait) mix,
Anglers Names:
Guide Names:
No. Fish Caught:
Average Weight:
Biggest Fish:
scales bottomed out at 110lb (50Kg)


Shadow Lake Monster Catfish
Eddy & Bren Stuggle to Raise the fish that bottomed out 110lb scales!

Back to Shadow Lake for some more wonderful fishing in Thailand.

To only target the Mekong giant catfish the crude but deadly technique of fishing ram under the float was employed again. This method tends to 'put off' the unwanted smaller fish and leaves us concentrating on the monster cats. Fishing on light tackle at Shadow Lake is great fun while targeting a wide range of species - but these few days are all about the giants for Bren.

At a similar time to yesterday Bren hooked into what we immediately knew to be a real whacker. With the spool being relieved of line at an alarming rate, it was clear this fish was also over 100lb.

After an exhausting battle, Bren was more than happy to see the fish in the net. It took 3 people to lift the fish out and into the weigh sling. As we raised the scales lifing the fish clear of the ground, the dial swept all the way to the maximum of 110lb \ 50Kg and bottomed them out. Although estimated at around 130lb we can only claim this to be 'bottomed out at 110lb'.

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